2001 Beach Volleyball World Championships

These page shows the results of the III Beach Volleyball World Championships, held from August 1 to August 4, 2001 in Klagenfurt, Austria. It was the third official edition of this event, after ten unofficial championships (1987-1996) all held in Rio de Janeiro, and the second to be organized in Europe.

Men's competitionEdit

Final Ranking (Top Sixteen)Edit

  • A total number of 48 participating couples
Rank Name Athletes Seed
    Mariano Baracetti and Martin Conde (ARG) 4
    José Loiola and Ricardo Santos (BRA) 10
    Vegard Høidalen and Jørre Kjemperud (NOR) 6
4.   Rob Heidger and Chip McCaw (USA) 18
5.   Tande Ramos and Emanuel Rego (BRA) 2
  Martin Laciga and Paul Laciga (SUI) 5
  Dain Blanton and Eric Fonoimoana (USA) 11
  Dax Holdren and Todd Rogers (USA) 23
9.   Nikolas Berger and Oliver Stamm (AUT) 1
  Stein Metzger and Kevin Wong (USA) 5
  Zé Marco de Melo and Rogério Ferreira (BRA) 7
  Sergey Ermishin and Mikhail Kouchnerev (RUS) 14
  Julien Prosser and Lee Zahner (AUS) 15
  Markus Dieckmann and Jonas Reckermann (GER) 20
  Dmitry Karasev and Pavel Zaitsev (RUS) 22
  João Brenha and Miguel Maia (POR) 27

Women's competitionEdit

  • A total number of 47 participating couples

Final Ranking (Top Sixteen)Edit

Rank Name Athletes Seed
    Shelda Bede and Adriana Behar (BRA) 1
    Tatiana Minello and Sandra Pires (BRA) 3
    Eva Celbová and Sona Novaková (CZE) 12
4.   Barbra Fontana and Elaine Youngs (USA) 2
5.   Cláudia Oliveira and Jackie Silva (BRA) 8
  Rong Chi and Xiong Zi (CHN) 11
  Laura Bruschini and Annamaria Solazzi (ITA) 15
  Danalee Bragado and Ali Wood (USA) 21
9.   Natalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst (AUS) 4
  Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh (USA) 6
  Dalixia Fernández and Tamara Larrea (CUB) 7
  Dianne DeNecochea and Liz Masakayan (USA) 14
  Daniela Gattelli and Lucilla Perrotta (ITA) 18
  Angela Clarke and Kylie Gerlic (AUS) 19
  Vasso Karadassiou and Efi Sfyri (GRE) 22
  Mayra García and Hilda Gaxiola (MEX) 39