2000 Haitian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Haiti on 26 November 2000.[1] The opposition parties, organised into the recently created Convergence Démocratique, boycotted the election after disputing the results of the parliamentary elections. The result was a landslide victory for Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who received 91.7% of the vote with a turnout of around 50%.[2]

2000 Haitian presidential election

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  Jean-Bertrand Aristide (cropped).jpg 3x4.svg
Nominee Jean Bertrand Aristide Arnold Dumas
Party Fanmi Lavalas Independent
Popular vote 2,632,534 56,678
Percentage 91.67% 1.97%

President before election

René Préval
Fanmi Lavalas

Elected President

Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Fanmi Lavalas

Concerns were raised when the Organisation of American States conducted a fact-finding mission on the election and found that 10 senatorial seats in the simultaneous parliamentary elections should have gone to a second-round runoff because the candidates did not win an absolute majority as required by the constitution. This resulted in the European Union and the United States banning economic assistance to the country until 2005, which were supported by Haitian opposition members.[3][4]


Jean-Bertrand AristideFanmi Lavalas2,632,53491.67
Arnold DumasIndependent56,6781.97
Evan NicolasUnion for National Reconciliation45,4411.58
Serge SylvainIndependent37,3711.30
Calixte DoriscaIndependent36,2331.26
Jacques Philippe DorceIndependent32,2451.12
Paul Arthur FleurivalIndependent31,1001.08
Source: Nohlen


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