1st Surface to Air Missiles Brigade (Romania)

The 1st Surface to Air Missiles Brigade "General Nicolae Dăscălescu" (Romanian: Brigada 1 Rachete Sol-Aer), is the main air defense unit of the Romanian Air Force. Its headquarters are located in Bucharest. The brigade was created on August 1, 1973, by gathering together the 18th and 19th SAM regiments. In 1995, it received the honorific name "General Nicolae Dăscălescu" (after Nicolae Dăscălescu 1884-1969) and a new battle flag. The main task of the 1st SAM Brigade is Bucharest's air defense.

1st Surface to Air Missiles Brigade "General Nicolae Dăscălescu"
Official emblem of the 1st SAM Brigade
BranchRomanian Air Force
TypeAir defense
Sizefour battalions
Colonel Bogdan-Nicolae Istrate

The brigade's area of responsibility covers approximately 20,000 square km. in four counties (Giurgiu, Ialomița, Dâmbovița and Călărași). The unit currently operates S-75 M3 "Volhov" missiles.[1] The 7th HAWK Battalion equipped with MIM-23 Hawk missiles was formed in 2006.[2]


MIM-23 Hawk missile system.
  • 1st SAM Brigade - HQ in Bucharest[3]
    • 111st SAM Battalion "Voievodul Mihai"[4]
    • 112nd SAM Battalion
    • 113rd SAM Battalion "Codrii Vlăsiei"
    • 114th SAM Battalion "Colonel Mircea Aelenei"
    • 5th SAM Battalion "Horea"
    • 6th SAM Battalion "Șoimii Bărăganului"
    • 7th HAWK Battalion - MIM-23 Hawk[5]
    • 8th Technical Battalion

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