The 1st Nunavut Legislature lasted from 1999 to 2004. The nineteen members were elected in the 1999 Nunavut general election held 15 February.[1] The Legislative Assembly of Nunavut runs on a consensus style government, members are elected as non-partisan and the assembly meets as a whole to elect a premier, the cabinet and the speaker. The premier hands out the cabinet jobs.

1st Legislature
Consensus parliament
Parliament leaders
PremierPaul Okalik
Members19 seats
MonarchElizabeth II
CommissionerHelen Mamayaok Maksagak
Peter Irniq

The cabinet is considered the government and the Regular members are considered the opposition. The make up of the assembly acts as a minority parliament. The cabinet must gain the support of the regular members in order to pass bills. Traditionally the cabinet votes as a block known as cabinet solidarity.

Cabinet ministers

Cabinet ministers
District Member Position
Iqaluit West Paul Okalik Premier
Minister of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs
Minister of Justice
Cambridge Bay Kelvin Ng Minister of Finance
Minister of Human Resources
Government House Leader
Nanulik James Arvaluk Minister of Education1
Iqaluit East Ed Picco Minister of Health and Social Services
Minister of Nunavut Power Corporation
Rankin Inlet South/Whale Cove Manitok Thompson Minister of Public Works, Telecommunications and Technical Services

Minister of Education2

Pangnirtung Peter Kilabuk Minister of Sustainable Development
Kugluktuk Donald Havioyak Minister of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth
Minister responsible for the status of women.
  1. James Arvaluk was removed from the cabinet in 2003 after being charged with assault.
  2. Manitok Thompson took over as Minister of Education from 2003 to 2004


Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
District Member Years as speaker
Quttiktuq Levi Barnabas1 1999 - 2000
Arviat Kevin O'Brien 2000 - 2004
  1. Levi Barnabas was convicted of Sexual Assault in 2000

Regular members

Regular members elected in the 1999 general election
District Member
Akulliq Ovide Alakannuark
Amittuq Enoki Irqittuq
Arviat Kevin O'Brien
Baker Lake Glenn McLean
Hudson Bay Peter Kattuk
Iqaluit Centre Hunter Tootoo
Nattilik Uriash Puqiqnak
Rankin Inlet North Jack Anawak
South Baffin Olayuk Akesuk
Tununiq Jobie Nutarak
Uqqummiut David Iqaqrialu


Members elected in by-elections
District Member Date Reason
Quttiktuq Rebekah Williams December 4, 2000 Resignation of Levi Barnabas
Nanulik Patterk Netser September 2, 2003 Resignation of James Arvaluk


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