1st Military Police Brigade

The 1st Military Police Brigade is a formation under 3rd (UK) Division that has control over close support military police units within the British Army.[1] The brigade is dispersed throughout the Army at sub-unit level, although it remains under the operational command of the Chief of the General Staff in order to keep and preserve investigative independence.[2] It is commanded by the Provost Marshal (Army).[3]

1st Military Police Brigade
1st Military Police Brigade Logo SVG.svg
Active1 December 2014 – Present
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
RoleMilitary Police
Part ofRegional Command
Garrison/HQMarlborough Lines, Andover
Brigadier Vivienne Wendy Buck


The brigade was formed under the Army 2020 reorganisation and became operational on 1 December 2014.[4] It reached Full Operational Capability in July 2015.[5]

Following the 2019 Field Army re-organisation in early August, the brigade will be under command of Regional Command with 1 and 3 regiments RMP having moved in April 2018 to 101st Logistic Brigade, which will continue to provide logistical support to 3 (UK) Division.[6] CGS retains full responsibility over military police investigations, while day-to-day control of 1 and 3 RMP rests with General Officer Commanding (GOC) 3rd UK Division. Administrative control of other Royal Military Police Brigade units rests under GOC Regional Command.[7]


The brigade consists of the following units:[8]

4 Regiment Royal Military Police will disband and its sub-units will be transferred to 3 Regiment Royal Military Police, which in turn will cede one of its companies to 1 Regiment Royal Military Police.[9][10] 4 RMP will formally disband on 1 November 2019.[11]


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