1st Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba

The 1st Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (CPC) was elected at the 1st CPC Congress in 1975.[1]

Apparatus edit

  1. Organization Department
  2. Military Department
  3. Economic Department
  4. General Affairs Department
  5. Department of Science, Education and Culture
  6. General Department on Foreign Affairs
  7. Department on Revolutionary Orientation
  8. Department on Basic Industry
  9. Agricultural-Livestock Department
  10. Construction Department
  11. Communications and Transportation Department
  12. Department for the Sugar Sector
  13. Consumer Goods and Domestic Commerce Department
  14. Department in Charge of the Formation of Cadres
  15. America Department
  16. Department for State and Judicial Organs
  17. Mass Organizations Department
  18. Party Control and Revision Commission

Members edit

Name PRO CC 2nd CC Gender
José Abrantes Fernández Old Reelected Male
Armando Acosta Cordero Old Reelected Male
Rogelio Acevedo González Old Reelected Male
Severo Aguirre del Cristo Old Reelected Male
Juan Almeida Bosque Old Reelected Male
José Maria Alvarez Bravo Old Reelected Male
Emilio Aragonés Navarro Old Reelected Male
José Antonio Arteaga Hernández Old Reelected Male
José Ramón Balaguer Cabrera New Reelected Male
Sixto Batista Santana New Reelected Male
Flavio Bravo Pardo Old Reelected Male
Julio E. Camocho Aguilera Old Reelected Male
Miguel José Cano Blanco New Reelected Male
José Felipe Carneado Rodríguez New Reelected Male
Lino Carreras Rodríguez Old Reelected Male
Belarmino Castilla Mas Old Not Male
Fidel Castro Ruz Old Reelected Male
Raúl Castro Ruz Old Reelected Male
Reinaldo Castro Yedra New Reelected Male
Joel Chaveco Hernández Old Not Male
Faure Chomón Mediavilla New Reelected Male
Osmany Cienfuegos Gorriarán Old Reelected Male
Leopoldo Cintra Frías Old Reelected Male
Abelardo Colomé Ibarra Old Reelected Male
Senén Casas Regueiro Old Reelected Male
Raúl Curbelo Morales Old Reelected Male
Manuel Díaz González Old Reelected Male
Joel Domenech Benítez Old Reelected Male
Luis Orlando Domínguez Muñiz New Reelected Male
Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado Old Reelected Male
Vilma Lucila Espín Guillois Old Reelected Female
José Ramón Fernández Alvarez New Reelected Male
Pilar Fernández Alvarez Old Not Male
Abárcelo Fernández Font Old Not Male
Oscar Fernández Mell Old Reelected Male
Harold Ferrer Martínez Old Reelected Male
Rafael Francia Mestre Old Not Male
Rigoberto García Fernández New Reelected Male
Guillermo García Frías Old Reelected Male
Calixto García Martínez Old Not Male
Julio Alfredo García Olivera Old Reelected Male
Pedro M. García Peláez Old Reelected Male
Raúl García Pelaéz Old Reelected Male
Elena Gil Izquierdo Old Not Female
Eladio Ladislao González Carvajal New Reelected Male
Fabio Grobart Old Reelected Male
Pedro Guelmes González Old Reelected Male
Raúl Guerra Bermejo Old Not Male
Secundino Guerra Hidalgo Old Reelected Male
Nicolás Cristóbal Guillén Batista New Reelected Male
Armando Hart Dávalos Old Reelected Male
Jaime Crombet Hernández Baquero New Reelected Male
Alfonso Roberto Hodge Farguharson New Reelected Male
Omar H. Iser Mojena Old Reelected Male
Reinerio Jiménez Lage Old Not Male
Rolando Kindelán Bles Old Reelected Male
Jorge Lezcano Pérez New Reelected Male
Emilio Loo Hernández Old Not Male
César Lora Reselló Old Not Male
Antonio Enrique Lussón Batlle Old Not Male
José Ramón Machado Ventura Old Reelected Male
Juan Marinello Vidaurreta Old Not Male
Zoilo Marinello Vidaurreta Old Not Male
Facundo Martínez Villant Old Not Male
José Joaquín Méndez Cominches Old Reelected Male
Jorge Enrique Mendoza Reboredo New Reelected Male
Alfredo Menéndez Cruz Old Not Male
Raúl Menéndez Tomassevich Old Not Male
Arnaldo Milián Castro Old Reelected Male
Pedro Miret Prieto Old Reelected Male
Jesús Montané Oropesa Old Reelected Male
José Alberto Naranjo Morales Old Reelected Male
Arnaldo Tomás Ochoa Sánchez Old Reelected Male
Mario Oliva Pérez Old Not Male
Filiberto Olivera Moya Old Reelected Male
Arturo Once González Old Not Male
Ramón Pardo Guerra Old Reelected Male
Humberto Pérez González New Reelected Male
Faustino Pérez Hernández Old Reelected Male
Antonio Pérez Herrero Old Reelected Male
Manuel Piñeiro Losada Old Reelected Male
Carlos Pis Delgado Old Not Male
José Ramírez Cruz Old Reelected Male
Julián Rizo Alvarez New Reelected Male
Raúl Roa García Old Reelected Male
Blas Roca Calderío Old Reelected Male
Héctor Rodríguez Llompart New Reelected Male
Pedro Rodríguez Peralta Old Not Male
Orlando Rodríguez Puerta Old Reelected Male
Carlos Rafael Rodríguez Rodríguez Old Reelected Male
Ursinio Rojas Santiesteban Old Reelected Male
Ulises Rosales del Toro New Reelected Male
Irving Ruiz Brito Old Not Male
Celia Sánchez Manduley Old Not Female
Aldo Santamaría Cuadrado Old Reelected Male
Haydée Santamaría Cuadrado Old Not Female
René de los Santos Ponce Old Reelected Male
Asela de los Santos Tamayo New Reelected Female
José R. Silva Berroa Old Not Male
Lionel Soto Prieto Old Reelected Male
Diocles Torralba González Old Reelected Male
Felipe Torres Trujillo Old Not Male
Ramiro Valdés Menéndez Old Reelected Male
Raúl Valdés Vivó New Reelected Male
Jorge Risquet Valdés-Saldaña Old Reelected Male
Sergio del Valle Jiménez Old Reelected Male
Fernando Vecino Alegret New Reelected Male
Roberto Veiga Menéndez New Reelected Male
Aníbal Velaz Suárez Old Not Male
Roberto Viera Estrada Old Not Male
Luis Alfonso Zayas Ochoa Old Reelected Male

Alternates edit

Name PRO CC 2nd CC Gender
Maria Julia Arredondo O'Reilly New Member Female
Joaquín Bernal Camero New Alt. Male
Thelma Bornot Pubillones New Alt. Female
Francisco Cabrera González New Alt. Male
Julio Casas Regueiro New Member Male
Dora Coreano Araujo New Member Female
José L. Cuza Téllez-Giron New Alt. Male
Electra Fernández López New Member Female
Rosario Fernández Perera New Member Male
Serafín Fernández Rodríguez New Member Male
José A. Gutiérrez Muñiz New Not Male
Francisco Pérez Olivera New Not Male
Diocles Torralba González New Promoted Male
Felipe Torres Trujillo New Promoted Male

References edit

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