19th Division (Yugoslav Partisans)

The 19th North Dalmatia Division (Serbo-Croatian Latin: Devetnaesta severnodalmatinska divizija) was a Yugoslav Partisan division formed in Biovičino Selo on 4 October 1943. Upon formation it had 3,559[1] soldiers in three brigades, those being: the 5th, 6th and 7th Dalmatia Brigades.[2] During all of its existence it was a part of the 8th Corps. Commander of the division was Milan Kuprešanin while its political commissar was Petar Babić. The division mostly operated in Dalmatia, Lika and Bosnia.[1]

19th North Dalmatia Division
Flag of Yugoslavia (1943–1946).svg
Flag of Democratic Federal Yugoslavia (used by the Partisans)
CountryDemocratic Federal Yugoslavia
BranchYugoslav Partisan Army
Size3,559 (upon formation)
Part of8th Corps
EngagementsWorld War II in Yugoslavia
Milan Kuprešanin


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