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The year 1999 is the 7th year in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a mixed martial arts promotion based in the United States. In 1999 the UFC held 6 events beginning with, UFC 18: The Road to the Heavyweight Title.

1999 in UFC
A poster or logo for 1999 in UFC.
First dateMarch 13, 1999
Last dateOctober 16, 1999
Total events6
Total fights44
Title fights6
1998 in UFC 1999 in UFC 2000 in UFC

Title fightsEdit

Title fights in 1999
Weight class Method Round Time Event Notes
Welterweight Pat Miletich def. Jorge Patino unanimous decision 21:00 UFC 18: The Road to the Heavyweight Title [a]
Heavyweight Bas Rutten def. Kevin Randleman split decision 21:00 UFC 20: Battle for the Gold [b]
Welterweight Pat Miletich def. André Pederneiras TKO (cut) 2 2:20 UFC 21: Return of the Champions [c]
Light Heavyweight Frank Shamrock def. Tito Ortiz submission (strikes) 4 4:42 UFC 22: Only One Can be Champion [d]
Heavyweight Kevin Randleman def. Pete Williams unanimous decision 5 5:00 UFC 23: Ultimate Japan 2 [e]
  1. ^ Miletich defeated Patino to retain the UFC Welterweight Championship.[1]
  2. ^ Rutten defeated Randleman to become the new UFC Heavyweight Champion.
  3. ^ Miletich defeated Pederneiras to retain the UFC Welterweight Championship.
  4. ^ Shamrock defeated Ortiz to retain the Light Heavyweight Championship.
  5. ^ Randleman defeated Williams to claim the vacant UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Debut UFC fightersEdit

The following fighters fought their first UFC fight in 1999:

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