1997 Games of the Small States of Europe

The VI Games of the Small States of Europe were held in 1997 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

VII Games of the Small States of Europe
VII Smáþjóðaleikarnir
Host cityReykjavík
CountryIceland Iceland
Nations participating8
Athletes participating714
Events87 in 10 sports
Opening ceremony2 June
Closing ceremony7 June
Officially opened byÓlafur Ragnar Grímsson
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Medal countEdit

Final Table:[1]

  *   Host nation (Iceland)

1  Iceland (ISL)*33323297
2  Cyprus (CYP)30251469
3  Monaco (MON)761427
4  Malta (MLT)5101227
5  Luxembourg (LUX)43916
6  San Marino (SMR)351119
7  Andorra (AND)351018
8  Liechtenstein (LIE)2338
Totals (8 entries)8789105281


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