1995 Tanzanian general election

General elections were held in Tanzania on 29 October and 29 November 1995. They were the first multi-party general elections after the lifting of the ban on political parties other than Chama Cha Mapinduzi in 1992. Nevertheless, the CCM retained its control of the country, with its candidate Benjamin Mkapa winning the presidential election, and the party winning 186 of the 232 constituencies. 182 of the constituencies were on the mainland, and 50 on Zanzibar.

1995 Tanzanian general election

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  Benjamin Mkapa 2010-05-07.jpg Noimage.png
Nominee Benjamin Mkapa Augustino Mrema
Party CCM NCCR–Mageuzi
Popular vote 4,026,422 1,808,616
Percentage 61.82% 27.77%

President before election

Ali Hassan Mwinyi

Elected President

Benjamin Mkapa

After the election, 37 additional seats for women MPs were awarded to the parties based on the proportion of seats in the National Assembly, while five members were elected by the House of Representatives of Zanzibar and ten members were nominated by the President. The Attorney General was also an ex-officio member, resulting in a total number of MPs of 285.

Voter turnout was 76.67% of the 8,929,969 registered voters.



CandidateRunning matePartyVotes%
Benjamin MkapaOmar Ali JumaChama Cha Mapinduzi4,026,42261.82
Augustino MremaNCCR–Mageuzi1,808,61627.77
Ibrahim LipumbaJuma Duni HajiCivic United Front418,9736.43
John CheyoUnited Democratic Party258,7343.97
Valid votes6,512,74595.12
Invalid/blank votes333,9364.88
Total votes6,846,681100.00
Registered voters/turnout8,929,96976.67
Source: EISA, African Elections Database

National AssemblyEdit

Chama Cha Mapinduzi3,814,20659.2218628214
Civic United Front323,4325.0224428
United Democratic Party213,5473.32314
Tanzania Democratic Alliance76,6361.19000
National Reconstruction Alliance60,7070.94000
Union for Multiparty Democracy41,2570.64000
Tanzania Labour Party27,9630.43000
National League for Democracy26,6660.41000
United People's Democratic Party19,8410.31000
Popular National Party18,1550.28000
Progressive Party of Tanzania – Maendeleo15,3350.24000
Presidential appointees10
Elected by Zanzibar House of Representatives5
Valid votes6,440,91394.07
Invalid/blank votes405,7685.93
Total votes6,846,681100.00
Registered voters/turnout8,929,96976.67
Source: EISA