1995–96 Liga EBA season

The 1995–96 Liga EBA season was the second season of this competition, second tier of Spanish basketball. Due to the reduction of the Liga ACB to 18 teams for the next seasons, there was not any promotion from this league.

Regular seasonEdit

Key to colors
     Qualify to the Previous Playoffs
     Qualify to Relegation Playoffs

Previous playoffsEdit

Second roundEdit

Key to colors
     Qualify to the Final Eight

Final EightEdit

The Final Eight of the Liga EBA was held in the Pazo dos Deportes of Lugo.

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
1A CB Breogán 65
2B CB Cornellà 89
2C CB Cornellà 65
1B CB Granada 81
1B CB Granada 92
2D CD Huelva 76 67
1B CB Granada 104
1D Valencia BC 87
1C Cantabria Baloncesto 75
2B SD Patronato 79
2B SD Patronato 65
1D Valencia BC 87
1D Valencia BC 99
2A CB Albolote 75

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