1994 NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championships

The 1994 NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championships were the 13th annual championships to determine the national champions of NCAA Division I women's singles, doubles, and team collegiate tennis in the United States, held during May 1994 in Athens, Georgia.[1]

1994 NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Championships
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DateMay 1994
LocationAthens, Georgia
VenueDan Magill Tennis Complex
University of Georgia
Women's Singles
Angela Lettiere
Women's Doubles
Rebecca Jensen / Nora Koves
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Hosts Georgia defeated Stanford in the team championship, 5–4, to claim their first national title.


This year's tournaments were hosted by the University of Georgia at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex in Athens, Georgia. This was the first time the Lady Bulldogs hosted the women's championships.

The men's and women's NCAA tennis championships would not be held jointly until 2006.

Team tournamentEdit

  First round Second round Quarterfinals Semifinals Championship
  Stanford 5  
    Notre Dame 1  
Notre Dame 5
UC Santa Barbara 3  
  Stanford 5  
  UCLA 4  
  Pepperdine 5
    Indiana 2  
  Stanford 5  
  Texas 2  
Arizona 5
Florida State 3  
  Texas 6
  Florida 0  
  Florida 5
    UCLA 2  
  Stanford 4
  Georgia 5

  California 5  
    Wake Forest 1  
Wake Forest 5
Virginia 4  
  California 5  
  Kansas 3  
  Kansas 5
    Arizona State 4  
  California 2
  Georgia 5  
  Georgia 5
    USC 2  
Clemson 0  
  Georgia 5
  Duke 3  
  Duke 5
    Kentucky 1  

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