1992 Guyanese general election

General elections were held in Guyana on 5 October 1992.[1] They were the first free and fair elections since 1964.[2] The newly created People's Progressive Party/Civic alliance[3][4][5] ended the People's National Congress' 28-year rule, winning 28 of the 53 seats and 53.5% of the vote following a landslide victory. Voter turnout was 80.4%.[1]

1992 Guyanese general election

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53 of the 65 seats in the National Assembly
33 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Candidate Cheddi Jagan Desmond Hoyte
Seats won 32 31
Seat change Increase24 Decrease23
Popular vote 162,058 128,286
Percentage 53.45% 42.31%
Swing Increase36.23pp Decrease37.68pp

Results by district

President before election

Desmond Hoyte

Elected President

Cheddi Jagan

Electoral system edit

The National Assembly had 65 members; 53 elected by proportional representation in a nationwide constituency, 10 appointed by the Regional Councils elected on the same date as the national members, and 2 appointed by the National Congress of Local Democratic Organs, an umbrella body representing the regional councils.[6][7]

The President was elected by a first-past-the-post double simultaneous vote system, whereby each list nominated a presidential candidate and the presidential election itself was won by the candidate of the list having a plurality.[6]

Results edit

People's Progressive Party/CivicCheddi Jagan162,05853.45284032+24
People's National CongressDesmond Hoyte128,28642.31236231–23
Working People's AllianceClive Y. Thomas6,0862.0110010
United ForceManzoor Nadir3,1831.051001–1
Democratic Labour MovementPaul Tennassee1,5570.5100000
United Republican PartyLeslie Ramsammy1,3430.4400000
People's Democratic MovementLlewelyn John2700.0900000
Union of Guyanese InternationalLindley GeBorde1340.0400000
National Republican PartyRobert Gangadeen1140.0400000
United Workers PartyWinston Payne770.0300000
National Democratic FrontJoseph Bacchus680.0200000
Valid votes303,17698.17
Invalid/blank votes5,6661.83
Total votes308,842100.00
Registered voters/turnout348,19588.70
Source: Nohlen, IPU, Carter Center

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