1991 Canadian federal budget

The Canadian federal budget for fiscal year 1991-1992 was presented by Minister of Finance Michael Wilson in the House of Commons of Canada on 26 February 1991.[2]

1991 (1991) Budget of the Canadian Federal Government
Canadian federal Budget '90 logo.svg
Presented26 February 1991
PartyProgressive Conservative
Finance ministerMichael Wilson
Total revenue126.086 billion [1]
Total expenditures158.405 billion [1]
Deficit$32.319 billion[1]
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The budget announces that the Expenditure Control Plan unveiled in the previous budget is extended:[3]

  • The 5 %-growth ceiling for CAP payments to Ontario, Alberta and BC is extended for 3 additional years;
  • EPF per-capital entitlements are frozen until 1994-95;
  • Several programs are frozen (PUITTA, Telefilm Canada, loans financing by EDC);
  • Previously-announced projects are cancelled (contribution to the Toronto Ballet Opera House) or delayed (contribution to new concert halls in Edmonton and Montreal, cultural research institute in Montreal);
  • Expenditures for the Green Plan are spread over 6 years instead of 5.

Legislative historyEdit

Provisions pertaining to federal transfers to provinces (EPF and PUITTA) and Unemployment Insurance were contained in the Budget Implementation Act, 1991 which received royal assent on 17 December 1991.[4]

Additional expenditure control measures are included in the Bill C-56 (named the Spending Control Act) which was read a third time and adopted by the House of Commons on 27 April 1992 in a 137–84 vote (with 12 paired votes) and received royal assent on 18 June 1992.[5][6][7]


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