1991 Ålandic legislative election

Legislative elections were held in the Åland Islands on 20 October 1991 to elect members of the Landstinget. The 30 members were elected for a four-year term by proportional representation.

Following the elections, the previous government of the Åland Centre, Liberals for Åland and Freeminded Co-operation parties, was replaced by one formed of the Åland Centre, Freeminded Co-operation and Åland Social Democrats.[1]


Åland Centre3,24230.1610+1
Liberals for Åland2,46222.907–1
Freeminded Co-operation2,13019.816+1
Åland Social Democrats1,56414.5540
Non-aligned Coalition1,0479.743+1
Greens on Åland3062.850–2
Valid votes10,75197.19
Invalid/blank votes3112.81
Total votes11,062100.00
Registered voters/turnout17,73762.37
Source: ASUB


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