1989 Mongolian National Championship

The 1989 Mongolian National Championship was the twenty-fifth recorded edition of the Mongolian National Championship for football, with the first tournament taking place in 1955 and no tournament held in 1965 or apparently in 1977.[1] It would appear however that championships were contested between 1956 and 1963, as sources note that a team called Aldar, the Mongolian Army Sports Club, won the title on numerous occasions during that time.[1] Nonetheless, the 1989 national championship was won for the fourth time[1] by Khuldumur[2] (literally: Labour or Workers and also romanised as Hödölmör[3]) and the first time since their success in the 1972 season[1]

Mongolian National Championship



The complete structure of the season is unclear in the available sources, but it is known that Khuldumur won the championship following a final play-off match against Sükhbaatar.


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