1988 Saguenay earthquake

The 1988 Saguenay earthquake struck Quebec, Canada with a moment magnitude of 5.9 on November 25. It is one of the largest recorded earthquakes in eastern Canada and eastern North America during the 20th century.[1][2] The earthquake was felt by millions, and damaged some buildings. It could be felt as far as Toronto, Halifax, and Boston.[3]

1988 Saguenay earthquake
1988 Saguenay earthquake is located in Quebec
1988 Saguenay earthquake
UTC time1988-11-25 23:46:04
ISC event421305
Local dateNovember 25, 1988 (1988-11-25)
Local time18:46:04 EST
Magnitude5.9 Mw
Depth29 km (18 mi)
Epicenter48°07′N 71°11′W / 48.12°N 71.18°W / 48.12; -71.18
Areas affectedCanada
Max. intensityVII (Very strong)

The earthquake was triggered by faults associated with the Saguenay Graben.[4]

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