1985 FIBA Club World Cup

The 1985 FIBA Club World Cup was the 19th edition of the FIBA Intercontinental Cup for men's basketball clubs. It was the second edition of the competition that was held under the name of FIBA Club World Cup. It took place at Barcelona and Girona. From the FIBA European Champions Cup participated Banco di Roma Virtus, Limoges, Cibona, and FC Barcelona. Also participating were Monte Líbano, San Andrés, and Guantánamo from the South American Club Championship. The Team USA NCAA Olympics Select Team, called the Golden Eagles, took part from the Division I (NCAA), and Maxaquene took part from the FIBA Africa Clubs Champions Cup. The Northern Cement, the Philippines, took part from the FIBA Asia Championship.

1985 FIBA Club World Cup
LeagueFIBA Club World Cup
Finals championsSpain FC Barcelona
  Runners-upBrazil Monte Líbano
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Participants edit

Continent Teams Clubs
Europe 4   Cibona   FC Barcelona   Limoges   Banco di Roma Virtus
North America 2   Guantánamo   Golden Eagles
South America 2   Monte Líbano   San Andrés
Africa 1   Maxaquene
Asia 1   Northern Cement

Group stage edit

Places 1-4 edit

Semi finals edit

June 28 1985, Barcelona & Girona

Team 1  Score  Team 2
San Andrés   93–95   Monte Líbano
Cibona   68–74   FC Barcelona

3rd place game edit

June 29 1985, Barcelona

Team 1  Score  Team 2
San Andrés   82–109   Cibona

Final edit

29 June 1985
FC Barcelona   93–89   Monte Líbano Barcelona
21:00 Scoring by half: 47–51, 46–38
Pts: Epi 39
Rebs: Howard 16
Asts: Three players 1
Boxscore Pts: Marcel 38
Rebs: Cadum, Misevicius 5
Asts: Maury 2
Arena: Palau Blaugrana
Attendance: 5,000
Referees: Don Cline (CAN), Mikhail Davidov (USSR)
1985 Intercontinental Champions
FC Barcelona
1st title

Final standings edit

    FC Barcelona
    Monte Líbano
4.   San Andrés
5.   Limoges
6.   Golden Eagles
7.   Northern Cement
8.   Banco di Roma Virtus
9.   Guantánamo
10.   Maxaquene

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