1982 French motorcycle Grand Prix

The 1982 French motorcycle Grand Prix was the third round of the 1982 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It took place on the weekend of 7–9 May 1982 at the Circuit de Nogaro.

France  1982 French Grand Prix
Race details
Race 3 of 14 races in the
1982 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season
Circuit Paul Armagnac Nogaro.svg
Date9 May 1982
Official nameGrand Prix de France Moto[1]
LocationCircuit de Nogaro
  • Permanent racing facility
  • 3.636 km (2.259 mi)
500 cc
Pole position
Rider France Jean Lafond
Time 1:24.830
Fastest lap
Rider Switzerland Michel Frutschi
Time 1:24.960
First Switzerland Michel Frutschi
Second France Franck Gross
Third United Kingdom Steve Parrish
350 cc
Pole position
Rider France Patrick Igoa
Time 1:25.310
Fastest lap
Rider Unknown
First France Jean-François Baldé
Second Belgium Didier de Radiguès
Third Australia Jeff Sayle
250 cc
First France Jean-Louis Tournadre
Second France Jean-François Baldé
Third Australia Jeff Sayle
125 cc
Pole position
Rider France Jean-Claude Selini
Time 1:31.130
Fastest lap
Rider Unknown
First France Jean-Claude Selini
Second Finland Johnny Wickström
Third Argentina Hugo-Jorge Vignetti
50 cc
Pole position
Rider No 50cc was held
Fastest lap
Rider No 50cc was held
First No 50cc was held
Second No 50cc was held
Third No 50cc was held

The race was controversial, because the major factory teams (Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki), which included top riders like Kenny Roberts, Barry Sheene, Freddie Spencer, Franco Uncini and Takazumi Katayama, largely or completely boycotted the event due to the dangerous track conditions. Some private drivers also boycotted the race, which led to the venue never reappearing on the calendar ever since.[2][3]

Gina Bovaird, who took advantage of the major factory team's boycott to qualify for the race, remains the only female rider to ever start a race in the 500cc/MotoGP class.


500 ccEdit

Pos. Rider Team Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1   Michel Frutschi Moto Sanvenero Sanvenero 57'22.410 15
2   Franck Gross Suzuki +9.130 12
3   Steve Parrish Team Mitsui Yamaha Yamaha +14.640 10
4   Sergio Pellandini Suzuki +17.810 8
5   Stuart Avant Guan Hoe Suzuki Suzuki +18.120 6
6   Guido Paci Team MDS Belgarda Yamaha +27.580 5
7   Philippe Robinet Yamaha +33.930 4
8   Chris Guy Sid Griffiths Racing Suzuki +37.620 3
9   Andreas Hofmann Suzuki +51.600 2
10   Philippe Coulon Coulon Marlboro Tissot Suzuki +53.730 1
11   Wolfgang von Muralt Suzuki +59.250
12   Lorenzo Ghiselli Suzuki +1'0.830
13   Peter Sjöström Suzuki +1'10.550
14   Børge Nielsen Suzuki +1'11.510
15   Gianni Pelletier Morbidelli +1 lap
16   Marco Papa Suzuki +1 lap
17   Marco Greco Suzuki +2 laps
18   Jon Ekerold Suzuki +2 laps
Ret   Bernard Fau GPA Total Suzuki Retired
Ret   Jean Lafond Fior-Suzuki Retired
Ret   Raymond Roche Suzuki Retired
Ret   Guy Bertin Moto Sanvenero Sanvenero Retired
Ret   Víctor Palomo Suzuki Retired
Ret   Christian le Liard Suzuki Retired
Ret   Leandro Becheroni Suzuki Retired
Ret   Louis-Luc Maisto Suzuki Retired
Ret   Maurice Coq Suzuki Retired
Ret   Gina Bovaird Suzuki Retired
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