1982 Berlin restaurant bombing

On 15 January 1982, a bomb exploded in the Jewish Mifgash-Israel restaurant in West Berlin, West Germany, killing a child and wounding 46 people.[1][2] Responsibility was claimed by Palestinian nationalists under the names "People's Federation for a Free Palestine" and the "Arab May 15 Organization for the Liberation of Palestine" in two separate claims.[3] Six Palestinian suspected members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) were detained by police but released.[3] Mohammed Rashid of the 15 May Organization who led the bombing of Pan Am Flight 830 on 11 August 1982 later reportedly provided information to investigators about the attack.[4] Yehuda Zvi Blum, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, said that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was responsible for the attack.[5]

1982 Berlin restaurant bombing
LocationWest Berlin, West Germany
Date15 January 1982
Attack type

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