1980 Nairobi hotel bombing

On 31 December 1980, New Year's Eve, a bomb exploded in The Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. It partially destroyed the hotel, killing 20 people and wounding another 87.[3][4][5][1][2]

1980 Nairobi hotel bombing
Part of terrorism in Kenya
1980 Nairobi hotel bombing is located in Nairobi
1980 Nairobi hotel bombing
The attack site in Nairobi, Kenya
LocationFairmont The Norfolk Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya
Coordinates1°16′42″S 36°48′57″E / 1.278295°S 36.815795°E / -1.278295; 36.815795
Date31 December 1980; 43 years ago (1980-12-31)
Attack type
AssailantQaddura Mohammed Abd Al-Hamid

The owner of the hotel was a prominent member of the local Jewish community, and it has been suggested that the attack was in retaliation for Kenya providing support to rescue the Israeli hostages in Uganda during Operation Entebbe four years earlier.[4][5] Among the dead were at least four Kenyans, two Americans, two British children, a Danish employee of KLM, a Frenchman, and a Belgian child.[6][7] The bomber was said by the Kenyan government to be a Moroccan with a Maltese passport named Qaddura Mohammed Abd Al-Hamid, identified as a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) who departed on a flight to Saudi Arabia on the day of the bombing.[4][5][8]

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