1979 Rajya Sabha elections

Rajya Sabha elections were held on various dates in 1979, to elect members of the Rajya Sabha, Indian Parliament's upper chamber.[1]

Elections edit

Elections were held to elect members from various states.

Members elected edit

The following members are elected in the elections held in 1979. They are members for the term 1979-1985 and retire in year 1985, except in case of the resignation or death before the term. The list is incomplete.

State - Member - Party

Rajya Sabha members for term 1979-1985
State Member Name Party Remark
Kerala Thalekkunnil Basheer INC 29/12/1984
Kerala K Chathunni Master CPM
Kerala K C Sebastian INC

Bye-elections edit

The following bye elections were held in the year 1979.

State - Member - Party

  1. Bihar - Syed Shahabuddin - JAN ( ele 25/07/1979 term till 1984 )
  2. Bihar - Brahmdeo Ram Shastri - JAN ( ele 25/07/1979 term till 1980 )

References edit

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