1979 Greenlandic home rule referendum

A consultative referendum on home rule was held in Greenland on 17 January 1979. Just over 70.1% of voters voted in favour of greater autonomy from Denmark,[1][2] leading to the establishment of a Greenlandic Parliament and Greenland gaining sovereignty in areas such as education, health, fisheries and the environment.[3]

As a result of the referendum, home rule came into effect 1 May 1979 and Greenland became an autonomous constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark.


Choice Votes %
  Yes 12,756 70.1
No 4,703 25.8
Valid votes 17,459 95.9
Invalid or blank votes 743 4.1
Total votes 18,202 100.00
Registered voters and turnout 28,889 63.3
Source: Folketingsårbog 1978–79

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