1979 Forward Chemicals Tournament

The 1979 Forward Chemicals Tournament was a non-ranking snooker tournament held on one occasion between October 1978 and January 1979.

Forward Chemicals Tournament
Tournament information
Dates23 October 1978 – 28 January 1979 (1978-10-23 – 1979-01-28)
VenueRoyal Exchange Theatre
FormatNon-ranking event
Winner's share£3,000
ChampionWales Ray Reardon
Runner-upEngland John Spencer

Similar in format to previous Park Drive 2000 events, four professionals played each other three times in a round-robin format at various venues around the country, with the two best performing players reaching the final. Held at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, Ray Reardon defeated John Spencer 9–6 in the final.[1]

Main draw




Player 1 Score Player 2
  Alex Higgins 5–3   John Spencer
  Alex Higgins 5–3   Ray Reardon
  Alex Higgins 5–4   Doug Mountjoy
  Doug Mountjoy 5–1   John Spencer
  Doug Mountjoy 5–2   John Spencer
  Doug Mountjoy 5–3   Alex Higgins
  Doug Mountjoy 5–3   Alex Higgins
  Ray Reardon 5–0   Doug Mountjoy
  Ray Reardon 5–1   Doug Mountjoy
  Ray Reardon 5–2   Doug Mountjoy
  Ray Reardon 5–3   John Spencer
  Ray Reardon 5–3   Alex Higgins
  Ray Reardon 5–3   Alex Higgins
  John Spencer 5–0   Alex Higgins
  John Spencer 5–3   Ray Reardon
  John Spencer 5–3   Alex Higgins
  John Spencer 5–4   Ray Reardon
  John Spencer 5–4   Doug Mountjoy

Knockout stage

Best of 17 frames
1   Ray Reardon 9
2   John Spencer 6


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