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1975 Asian Baseball Championship

The 1975 Asian Baseball Championship was the eleventh continental tournament held by the Baseball Federation of Asia. The tournament was held in Seoul, South Korea for the third time, and was won by the hosts for their third Asian Championship; all three times when hosting the tournament.[1]

1975 Asian Baseball Championship
Tournament details
Host country South Korea
Dates 21 June - 1 July
Defending champions Japan (1973)
Final positions
Gold medal asia.svg
 South Korea (3rd title)
Silver medal asia.svg
Third place
Bronze medal asia.svg
Fourth place Taiwan

The tournament marked the first and only time Australia secured a medal in the Asian Championships—winning bronze—despite contesting the championship through to the 1993 tournament. Through 2009, Taiwan's 4th-place finish would be the last time they would not achieve a medal in the tournament. Japan (2nd) and Philippines (5th) were the other participants.[1]


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