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1974 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team

The 1974 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team represented the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in the 1974 NCAA Division I football season. The team was coached by Tom Osborne and played their home games in Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska.

1974 Nebraska Cornhuskers football
Nebraska Cornhuskers logo.svg
Sugar Bowl champion
Sugar Bowl, W 13–10 vs. Florida
ConferenceBig Eight Conference
CoachesNo. 8
APNo. 9
1974 record9–3 (5–2 Big 8)
Head coachTom Osborne (2nd season)
Offensive coordinatorTom Osborne (6th season)
Offensive schemeI formation
Defensive coordinatorMonte Kiffin (2nd season)
Home stadiumMemorial Stadium
← 1973
1975 →
1974 Big 8 football standings
Conf     Overall
Team W   L   T     W   L   T
No. 1 Oklahoma $ 7 0 0     11 0 0
Missouri 5 2 0     7 4 0
No. 9 Nebraska 5 2 0     9 3 0
Oklahoma State 4 3 0     7 5 0
Colorado 3 4 0     5 6 0
Iowa State 2 5 0     4 7 0
Kansas 1 6 0     4 7 0
Kansas State 1 6 0     4 7 0
  • $ – Conference champion
Rankings from AP Poll



September 141:30 PMOregon*No. 7W 61-776,053
September 2112:50 PMat Wisconsin*No. 4ABCL 20-2173,381
September 281:30 PMNorthwestern*No. 10
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
W 49-776,101
October 51:30 PMMinnesota*No. 6
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
W 54-076,408
October 121:30 PMMissouriNo. 5
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
L 10-2176,526
October 191:30 PMat No. 13 KansasNo. 12W 56-050,523
October 261:30 PMOklahoma State No. 9
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
W 7-376,426
November 21:00 PMat ColoradoNo. 9ABCW 31-1552,949
November 91:30 PMat Iowa StateNo. 9W 23-1334,341
November 161:30 PMKansas StateNo. 6
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
W 35-776,188
November 231:30 PMNo. 1 OklahomaNo. 6
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
L 14-2876,636
December 317:00 PMvs. No. 18 Florida*No. 8ABCW 13-1067,850
  • *Non-conference game
  •  Homecoming
  • Rankings from AP Poll released prior to the game
  • All times are in Central time



Alward, Tom #63 (Sr.) G
Anthony, Monte #49 (So.) IB
Bahe, Ritch #24 (Sr.) WB
Belka, Jim #47 (So.) FB
Block, King (So.) LB
Bonness, Rik #54 (Jr.) C
Borg, Tim #19 (So.) DB
Brock, Dan #94 (So.) DT
Bunkers, Bill (So.) DB
Burns, Burton #49 (So.) FB
Burns, Ed #17 (So.) QB
Burrow, Jim #2 (Jr.) DB
Butterfield, Dave #34 (So.) DB
Cabell, Jake #13 (Jr.) DB
Carpenter, Jeff #37 (So.) LB
Clark, Dennis (So.) DT
Clark, Mike (So.) OT
Coccia, Tom #90 (Jr.) DE
Collura, Joe #7 (So.) MG
Costanzo, Rich #77 (Jr.) OT
Coyle, Mike #42 (Jr.) PK
Crenshaw, Marvin #73 (Sr.) OT
Davis, Tom #52 (So.) C
Davis, Tony #25 (Jr.) FB
Dervin, Joe (So.) LB
Doak, Mark #71 (Sr.) OT
Duda, Rich #50 (Sr.) C
Eichelberger, Percy #44 (So.) LB
Eveland, Al #43 (So.) PK
Everett, Earl #9 (So.) QB
Folsom, Bob (So.) WB
Fultz, Mike #72 (So.) DT
Garcia, Randy #15 (So.) QB
Gast, Reg (So.) DE
Gillespie, Dave #28 (So.) IB
Gissler, Dean #97 (Jr.) DT
Hanchera, Gary #5 (So.) PK
Hayes, Bob #76 (So.) OT
Hegener, Stan #64 (Sr.) G
Heiser, Tom #27 (Jr.) WB


Hertenstein, Scott #98 (So.) DT
Heydorff, Mark #22 (Sr.) DB
Higgs, Gary #46 (So.) FB
Hoins, Steve #78 (So.) OT
Homola, Ken (So.) TE
Houser, Mike (So.) PK
Humm, Dave #12 (Sr.) QB
Hunter, Ken #78 (Jr.) MG
Jenkins, Brad #92 (So.) TE
Johnson, Ardell #29 (Sr.) DB
Jones, Chuck #35 (Jr.) DB
Jorgensen, Greg (So.) OG
Justice, Jason #38 (So.) FB
Kucera, Lindsay #41 (So.) FB
Kyros, George #18 (Sr.) DB
Lackovic, Tim #80 (Sr.) SE
Lee, John #69 (Jr.) MG
Leonardi, Chad #61 (Sr.) OG
Lessman, Randy #39 (So.) DE
Lingenfelter, Bob #70 (So.) OT
Lloyd, Jerry (So.) DT
Luck, Terry #11 (Jr.) QB
Malito, Chuck #89 (So.) SE
Markley, Paul (So.) DB
Markus, Steve #36 (So.) OG
Martin, Bob #87 (Jr.) DE
Mazon, Frank #31 (Jr.) DB
McGuire, Tim #55 (Jr.) OG
McWhorter, Mike (So.) WB
Miller, Dan #58 (So.) OG
Mills, George #75 (Jr.) DT
Monds, Wonder #26 (Jr.) DB
Moran, Jeff #30 (Sr.) IB
Mushinskie, Larry #88 (Jr.) TE
Nelson, Bob #57 (Sr.) LB
Nitzel, Ron #81 (Jr.) SE
Offner, Mike #95 (Jr.) DE
O'Leary, John #14 (Jr.) IB
Panneton, Rick (Jr.) TE
Pate, Tom #68 (Sr.) DE
Pavelka, Dennis #74 (Sr.) OT


Peterson, Matt #82 (Jr.) TE
Phillips, Ray #96 (Jr.) DE
Pillen, Clete #33 (So.) LB
Plucknett, John (So.) DT
Pruitt, Ron #91 (Jr.) DT
Pullen, Jeff #67 (So.) MG
Ray, Glen #10 (So.) QB
Redding, Dave #84 (Jr.) DE
Reilly, Tim #56 (Jr.) OG
Rogers, Terry #40 (Sr.) DB
Ruud, Tom #45 (Sr.) LB
Samuel, Tony #99 (So.) DE
Schmidt, Dan #51 (So.) OG
Schneider, Jeff #1 (Jr.) DB
Seeton, Jim #16 (Jr.) DB
Senkbeil, Rocky (So.) DB
Shamblin, Dave #85 (Jr.) SE
Smith, Kent #23 (So.) DB
Spaeth, Ken #86 (So.) TE
Stacey, Kurt #3 (So.) DB
Starkebaum, John #48 (Sr.) LB
Stovall, Rod (So.) DB
Stuberg, Wayne #59 (So.) C
Talley, Chester #32 (So.) IB
Tangeman, Steve (So.) TE
Thomas, Bobby #8 (So.) WB
Thomas, Tom #53 (Jr.) C
Thornton, Willie #65 (Jr.) MG
Valasek, Larry #4 (So.) DB
Varner, Rich #6 (So.) C
Waldemore, Stan #62 (So.) DT
Westbrook, Don #21 (Sr.) WB
Wied, Jerry #93 (Jr.) DT
Wieser, Steve #83 (Sr.) DE
Wightman, Jim (So.) DE
Yaralian, Zaven (Sr.) DB
Zabrocki, Dale (So.) WB
Zanetich, Nick #66 (So.) OG


Coaching staffEdit

Name Title First year
in this position
Years at Nebraska Alma Mater
Tom Osborne Head Coach
Offensive Coordinator
1973 1964–1997 Hastings College
Monte Kiffin Defensive Coordinator 1973 1967–1976 Nebraska
Cletus Fischer Offensive Line 1960–1985 Nebraska
Jim Ross 1962–1976
John Melton Tight Ends
1973 1962–1988 Wyoming
Mike Corgan Running Backs 1962 1962–1982 Notre Dame
Warren Powers Defensive Backs 1969–1976 Nebraska
Boyd Epley Head Strength Coach 1969 1969–2003 Nebraska
Bill Myles Offensive Line 1972 1972–1976
Jerry Moore Wide Receivers 1973 1973–1978 Baylor
George Darlington 1973–2002 Rutgers
Rick Duval Linebackers
Recruiting Coordinator
1973 1973–1974 Worcester
Milt Tenopir Offensive Line 1974 1974–2002 Sterling

Game summariesEdit


Oregon at #7 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Oregon 0 007 7
#7 Nebraska 23 101414 61

Oregon's only score came in the 4th quarter against Nebraska reserves, as the Cornhuskers entirely demolished the Webfoots in Lincoln to open the season 1-0.


#4 Nebraska at Wisconsin [box score]
1 234Total
#4 Nebraska 7 733 20
Wisconsin 0 7014 21

Wisconsin's air attack provided the Badgers with a 242-47 passing margin, while Nebraska's ground attack rolled up a 258-77 yard advantage on the ground, and the Cornhuskers led Wisconsin for all but six minutes of the game and were still in front by 6 when the Badgers pulled out a 77-yard touchdown pass and successful PAT with 3:29 in the 4th to pull ahead by 1 point, sending the Cornhuskers home with an early-season loss.


Northwestern at #10 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Northwestern 0 007 7
#10 Nebraska 14 2177 49

Nebraska RB Monte Anthony set a new freshman record with his 111 yards on 14 carries as Nebraska rolled up 563 total offensive yards on the way to exacting some revenge on the Big 10 conference following the previous week's loss to Wisconsin.


Minnesota at #6 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Minnesota 0 000 0
#6 Nebraska 6 201513 54

Nebraska's wrath toward the Big 10 was not completed yet, as the Cornhuskers steamrolled Minnesota 54-0 in a dominating defeat of the Golden Gophers.


Missouri at #5 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Missouri 0 0021 21
#5 Nebraska 0 307 10

Missouri, while unable to come up with any points of their own early on, still managed to hold Nebraska to a 10-0 lead well into the 4th quarter before suddenly coming to life and putting up 21 unanswered points in a stunning upset that left Nebraska winless at the outset of their conference schedule.


#12 Nebraska at #13 Kansas [box score]
1 234Total
#12 Nebraska 0 141428 56
#13 Kansas 0 000 0

For the second time this season, #12 Nebraska came off of a loss with a vengeance, smashing #13 Kansas in a 56-0 rout at Lawrence. Nebraska QB Dave Humm set a new Nebraska and Big 8 completion percentage record, a new team and conference season touchdowns record, and a new team/conference/national record of 15 consecutive pass completions, going 23 of 27 with no interceptions for the day, an especially remarkable event considering that the Cornhusker offense was known for its land-based attack. More than half of the sellout crowd were Nebraska fans who made the short drive south.

Oklahoma StateEdit

Oklahoma State at #9 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Oklahoma State 0 003 3
#9 Nebraska 0 070 7

Oklahoma State outrushed Nebraska 204-167 but was able to produce only a 4th-quarter field goal, as Nebraska was also stymied offensively yet was able to survive the game by riding a single 3rd-quarter touchdown for the win. The Blackshirts saved the day, recovering a Cowboy fumble, reeling in an interception, and blocking a field goal attempt to help preserve the win.


#9 Nebraska at Colorado [box score]
1 234Total
#9 Nebraska 6 11140 31
Colorado 0 0015 15

Looking at the statistics might suggest this game was close, but Nebraska was comfortably leading 31-0 in the 4th when Cornhusker reserves took over and allowed Colorado to put up some numbers of their own to make it not look so bad. Despite nearly matched final offensive yardage and first down totals, the Buffaloes were unable to overcome a painful 1-5 turnover deficit.

Iowa StateEdit

#9 Nebraska at Iowa State [box score]
1 234Total
#9 Nebraska 7 3130 23
Iowa State 0 0013 13
  • Date: 1974-11-09
  • Location: Clyde Williams Field, Ames, Iowa
  • Game attendance: 37,000

The story of the previous game repeated itself, as Nebraska was out in front with an adequate lead when Cornhusker reserves entered the game to mop things up, which allowed Iowa State to put up 13 points for their game total, merely tying Nebraska's 3rd quarter output.

Kansas StateEdit

Kansas State at #6 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
Kansas State 0 007 7
#6 Nebraska 7 7147 35

For the 8th straight game, the Blackshirts held their opponent scoreless for 3 of 4 quarters in a game, as Nebraska easily defeated Kansas State in Lincoln.


#1 Oklahoma at #6 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
#1 Oklahoma 0 7714 28
#6 Nebraska 0 770 14

Nebraska had a chance to run with the momentum, after breaking a 7-7 halftime tie open a few minutes into the 3rd quarter and then recovering Oklahoma's fumble on the following kickoff, but the opportunity was wasted when the Cornhuskers could not convert the gift into points, and the game belonged to the Sooners from there on out as Oklahoma put up 21 unanswered points to take back the lead and win.

Unlike the previous three meetings, which were televised nationally to a Thanksgiving Day audience by ABC, this game could not air due to Oklahoma's NCAA probation, which banned the Sooners from television for the 1974 and 1975 regular seasons.


#18 Florida vs #8 Nebraska [box score]
1 234Total
#18 Florida 7 300 10
#8 Nebraska 0 0013 13

Florida drew first blood, scoring a relatively early touchdown, and followed it up with a 2nd-quarter field goal to send Nebraska into the locker room at half time down 0-10. As the third quarter drew to a close, Nebraska successfully held off the Gators in a goal line stand and then marched 99 yards to close the gap with Florida 7-10 at the start of the 4th, and was able to follow those points with two more field goals to pull ahead by 3, while Florida was unable to respond in kind to the comeback, giving up the game to Nebraska.


Ranking Movement
Poll Pre Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10 Wk 11 Wk 12 Wk 13 Final
AP 7 7 4 10 6 5 12 9 9 9 6 6 9 8 9
Coaches 8



Award Name(s)
All-America 1st team Rik Bonness, Marvin Crewnshaw, Dave Humm
All-America 3rd team Tom Alward
All-America honorable mention Bob Martin, Ron Pruitt
All-Big 8 1st team Rik Bonness, Marvin Crewnshaw, Dave Humm, Bob Martin, Tom Ruud
All-Big 8 2nd team Tom Alward, Wonder Monds, Bob Nelson, Don Westbrook
Big 8 Freshman Player of the Year Monte Anthony
Big 8 Defensive Sophomore of the Year Mike Fultz

NFL and Pro PlayersEdit

The following Nebraska players who participated in the 1974 season later moved on to the next level and joined a professional or semi-pro team as draftees or free agents.[5]

Name Team
Tom Alward Birmingham Vulcans
Monte Anthony Baltimore Colts
Rik Bonness Oakland Raiders
Ed Burns New Orleans Saints
Jim Burrow Green Bay Packers
Tom Davis Toronto Argonauts
Tony Davis Cincinnati Bengals
Mark Doak Birmingham Vulcans
Mike Fultz New Orleans Saints
Dave Humm Oakland Raiders
John Lee San Diego Chargers
Bob Lingenfelter Cleveland Browns
Terry Luck Cleveland Browns
Bob Martin New York Jets
Wonder Monds Ottawa Rough Riders
Bob Nelson Buffalo Bills
John O'Leary Montreal Alouettes
Tom Pate Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Ray Phillips Cincinnati Bengals
Tom Ruud Buffalo Bills
John Starkebaum New Orleans Saints
Stan Waldemore New York Jets
Don Westbrook New England Patriots


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