1974 Indian vice-presidential election

The 1974 Indian vice-presidential election was held on 27 August 1974. B. D. Jatti defeated his opponent, Niral Enem Horo to become the fifth Vice-President of India.[1]

1974 Indian vice-presidential election

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Nominee Basappa Danappa Jatti Niral Enem Horo
Party INC Jharkhand Party
Home state Karnataka Jharkhand
Electoral vote 521 141
Percentage 78.70% 21.30%

Vice-President before election

Gopal Swarup Pathak

Elected Vice-President

Basappa Danappa Jatti

There were some changes in the law regarding vice-presidential elections, as follows:

  • The nomination paper of a vice-presidential candidate shall be subscribed by at least 5 electors as proposers and 5 electors as seconders.
  • The security deposit was made Rs. 2,500,-.
  • Election petition challenging an election can be presented only before the Supreme Court by any candidate or by minimum 10 electors joined together as petitioners.
  • The time table for the elections to the offices of the President and Vice-President was made statutory. It was provided that the last date for making nominations shall be the 14th day after the publication of the notification calling the election, the scrutiny will be on the day following such last date for filing nominations, the last date for withdrawal of candidatures will be the second day following the date of scrutiny and the date of poll, if necessary, shall be not earlier than the fifteenth day after the last date for withdrawal of candidatures.


e • d Result of the Indian vice-presidential election, 1974
Electoral Votes
% of Votes
B. D. Jatti INC 521 78.70
Niral Enem Horo Jharkhand Party 141 21.30
Total 662 100.00
Valid Votes 662 98.51
Invalid Votes 10 1.49
Turnout 672 87.61
Abstentions 95 12.39
Electors 767

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