1972 Prague Skate

The 1972 Prague Skate was a senior international figure skating competition held 11–12 November 1972 in Czechoslovakia. Medals were awarded in the disciplines of men's singles and ladies' singles. Gold in both categories went to skaters from the United States. Future Olympic champion Dorothy Hamill won the ladies' title ahead of West Germany's Gerti Schanderl and Canada's Daria Prychun. Gordon McKellen took the men's title while Zdeněk Pazdírek of Czechoslovakia and Jacques Mrozek of France took silver and bronze, respectively.

1972 Prague Skate
Date:November 11 – 12
Location:Prague, Czechoslovakia
Men's singles:
 Dorothy Hamill (USA)
Ladies' singles:
 Gordon McKellen (USA)
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Rank Name Nation
1 Gordon McKellen   United States
2 Zdenek Pazdirek   Czechoslovakia
3 Jacques Mrozek   France
4 Frantisek Pechar   Czechoslovakia
5 Bernd Wunderlich   East Germany
6 Daniel Höner    Switzerland
7 Peter Augustovic   Czechoslovakia
8 Igor Bobrin   Soviet Union


Rank Name Nation
1 Dorothy Hamill   United States
2 Gerti Schanderl   West Germany
3 Daria Prychun   Canada
4 Karin Iten    Switzerland
5 Steffi Knoll   East Germany
6 Jennifer Bartley   United Kingdom
7 Ludmila Bezakova   Czechoslovakia
8 Zdenka Fiuraskova   Czechoslovakia
9 Liliana Rehakova   Czechoslovakia
10 Annemarie Verlaan   Netherlands


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