1972 Cook Islands general election

General elections were held in the Cook Islands on 11 April 1972.[1] The result was a victory for the ruling Cook Islands Party (CIP), which won 15 of the 22 seats in the Legislative Assembly. The newly formed Democratic Party won seven seats. CIP leader Albert Henry remained Premier.

1972 Cook Islands general election
Cook Islands
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22 seats in the Legislative Assembly
13 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats +/–
Cook Islands Albert Henry 15 -1
Democratic Thomas Davis 7 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Premier before Premier after
Albert Henry
Cook Islands
Albert Henry
Cook Islands


The Assembly elected in May 1968 had a three-year term, with the next elections expected in 1971. However, in March 1969 a bill was approved to extend the parliamentary term to four years.[2]


Prior to the elections the United Cook Islanders party was disbanded, with its members joining the new Democratic Party founded by Thomas Davis after he returned to the Cook Islands from the United States.[3] All candidates except a single independent (Edwin Gold in Mangaia) were from the CIP or Democratic Party.[4]

Incumbent MPs standing down included Director for Health and Aitutaki MP Joseph Williams and Teau-o-Tonga MP Teaukara.[1]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Cook Islands Party 15 –3
Democratic Party 7 New
Independents 10 0 New
Total 100 22 0
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly

Elected membersEdit

Constituency Member Party Notes
Aitutaki Dan Daniel Cook Islands Party
William Estall Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Geoffrey Henry Cook Islands Party
Atiu Vainerere Tangatapoto Democratic Party Re-elected
Pomani Tangata Democratic Party
Mangaia Pokino Aberahama Democratic Party Re-elected (previously United Cook Islanders)
Ngatupuna Matepi Democratic Party Re-elected (previously United Cook Islanders)
Manihiki Taraeka Kaisara Cook Islands Party
Mauke Tupui Henry Cook Islands Party Re-elected unopposed
Mitiaro Raui Pokoati Cook Islands Party Re-elected unopposed
Penrhyn Tangaroa Tangaroa Democratic Party Re-elected (previously United Cook Islanders)
Puaikura Tamataia Pera Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Taru Moana Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Pukapuka–Nassau Inatio Akaruru Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Rakahanga Pupuke Robati Democratic Party Re-elected (previously United Cook Islanders)
Takitumu Tiakana Numanga Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Apenera Short Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Taramai Tetonga Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Te-au-o-Tonga Joe Browne Cook Islands Party
Albert Henry Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Teanua Kamana Cook Islands Party Re-elected
Thomas Davis Democratic Party
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly


Following the elections, Henry formed a new cabinet, in which he held fifteen portfolios. The other ministers were Inatio Akaruru (Minister of Health), William Estall (Minister of Agriculture, Marketing Board Co-operatives and Shipping), Geoffrey Henry (Minister of Education, Justice, Lands and Survey), Tupua Henry (Minister of Housing, Internal Affairs and Public Works), Tiakana Numanga (Minister of Fisheries and Police) and Apenera Short (Minister of Broadcasting, Electric Power Supply, Government Printer and Newspaper Corporation).[5]


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