1971 South Pacific Games

The 1971 South Pacific Games, held at Papeete in Tahiti from 25 August to 5 September 1971, was the fourth edition of the South Pacific Games.[1]

1971 South Pacific Games
Host cityPapeete
Events17 sports
OpeningAugust 25, 1971 (1971-08-25)
ClosingSeptember 5, 1971 (1971-09-05)
Opened byPierre Messmer

Approximately 1,500 male athletes and 500 female athletes participated in the games.[2]

Participating countries Edit

Fourteen Pacific nations or territories competed at the Games:[2]

Note: A number in parentheses indicates the size of a country's team (where known).

Sports Edit

There were 17 sports contested at the 1971 South Pacific Games:[4][2]

Note: A number in parentheses indicates how many medal events were contested in that sport (where known).

Final medal table Edit

Medals were awarded in 117 events:

1  New Caledonia (NCL)33322792
2  Papua New Guinea (PNG)28282177
3  French Polynesia (PYF)22242470
4  Fiji (FIJ)16171346
5  Western Samoa (WSM)93517
6  Tonga (TON)43411
7  Guam (GUM)23813
8  Wallis and Futuna (WLF)2169
9  Solomon Islands (SOL)1225
10  American Samoa (ASA)021214
11  Cook Islands (COK)0134
12  New Hebrides0101
  Gilbert and Ellice Islands0000
  Nauru (NRU)0000
Totals (12 entries)117117125359
Source: [1]

Notes Edit

^a Cycling: Six events were held: 1 km time trial, individual road race (111 km), 74 km road race, 4 km individual pursuit, 4 km Olympic pursuit, and an individual sprint.[5]

^b The sailing event was for the Fireball dinghy class.[6]

^c The women's softball tournament was won by Guam, with Papua New Guinea and American Samoa taking second and third place respectively,[5] although the Oceania Sport Information Centre report (on their Sporting Pulse webpage as at October 2015) omits the result.[4]

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