1970 Women's College World Series

The 1970 Women's College World Series of softball. It was organized by the Omaha Softball Association and recognized by the Division for Girls' and Women's Sports (DGWS) as a championship tournament. Softball teams from 17 schools met on May 15–17 in Omaha, Nebraska.[1]

Teams edit

The double-elimination tournament included these teams:

  • Concordia Teachers College (Nebraska)
  • Illinois State University
  • John F. Kennedy College (Nebraska)
  • Kearney State College (Nebraska)
  • Luther College (Iowa)
  • Midland Lutheran College (Nebraska)
  • Midwestern College (Iowa)
  • University of Minnesota–Duluth
  • Minot State College (North Dakota)
  • University of Nebraska
  • University of Nebraska–Omaha
  • University of Northern Colorado
  • Southern Illinois University
  • Southwest Missouri State College
  • Upper Iowa University
  • Wayne State College (Nebraska)
  • Western Illinois University

The John F. Kennedy College Patriettes won their second consecutive college softball championship by winning five of their six games, defeating Southwest Missouri State in the final if-necessary game, 7–6.[1]

Bracket edit

The bracket included 17 teams with results as shown.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Upper round 1Upper round 2Upper round 3Upper round 4Upper finalFinal
John F. Kennedy2
Upper Iowa0
John F. Kennedy10
Western Illinois0
Western Illinois2
Wayne State1
John F. Kennedy4
Southwest Missouri State1
Southwest Missouri State4
Southwest Missouri State8
Southern Illinois3
Southern Illinois7
John F. Kennedy8
Nebraska-Omaha3Minot State2
Luther College0
Northern Colorado2
Northern Colorado7
Kearney State1
Illinois State5
Illinois State24
Illinois State10
John F. Kennedy07
Midwestern10Southwest Missouri State26
Midland Lutheran7
Lower round 1Lower round 2Lower round 3Lower round 4Lower round 5Lower round 6Lower final
Midland Lutheran0
Western Illinois0
Midland Lutheran9Western Illinois10
Western Illinois6Illinois State8
Kearney State2Southwest Missouri State13[a]
Kearney State7
Illinois State2Nebraska-Omaha1
Kearney State10Southern Illinois6
Southwest Missouri State3
Minot State3
Luther College1
Minnesota-Duluth8Northern Colorado0
Minnesota-Duluth7Southwest Missouri State11
Luther College10
Luther College17
Luther College16Midwestern7
Luther CollegeWUpper Iowa1
Wayne StateL
  1. ^ The Missouri State Softball Media Guide lists this score as 14–1.

Ranking edit

Place School WCWS Record
1st John F. Kennedy College 5-1
2nd Southwest Missouri State 6-2
3rd Nebraska–Omaha 4-2
4th Illinois State 3-2
5th Western Illinois 3-2
Luther College 4-2
7th Kearney State 2-2
Minnesota–Duluth 2-2
9th Midland Lutheran College 1-2
Northern Colorado 1-2
Southern Illinois 1-2
Midwestern College 1-2
13th Minot State College 0-2
Wayne State College 0-2
Concordia Teachers College 0-2
Nebraska 0-2
Upper Iowa 0-2

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References edit

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