1970 Blue Swords

The 1970 Blue Swords (German: Pokal der Blauen Schwerter) was an international figure skating competition organized in East Germany. Medals were awarded in the disciplines of men's singles, ladies' singles and pair skating. It was the tenth edition of the annual event and included skaters from ten countries. East Germany won all three categories, with Jan Hoffmann taking the men's title, Sonja Morgenstern winning the ladies' event, and Manuela Groß / Uwe Kagelmann becoming the pair champions.[1]

1970 Blue Swords
Date:12 November – 14 November 1970
Location:Karl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany
Men's singles:
 Jan Hoffmann (GDR)
Ladies' singles:
 Sonja Morgenstern (GDR)
Pair skating:
 Manuela Groß / Uwe Kagelmann (GDR)
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Rank Name Nation
1 Jan Hoffmann   East Germany
2 Igor Bobrin   Soviet Union
3 Ralf Richter   East Germany
4 Michael Glaubitz   East Germany
5 Masek   Czechoslovakia


Rank Name Nation
1 Sonja Morgenstern   East Germany
2 Christine Errath   East Germany
3 Simone Gräfe   East Germany
4 Natalia Ovchinnikova   Soviet Union
5 Anita Johansson   Sweden
6 Daniela Matejkova   Czechoslovakia


Rank Name Nation
1 Manuela Groß / Uwe Kagelmann   East Germany
2 Tatiana Sharanova / Anatoli Evdokimov   Soviet Union
3 Marlies Radunsky / Rolf Österreich   East Germany
4 Romy Kermer / Andreas Forner   East Germany


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