1969 Australian Rally Championship

The 1969 Australian Rally Championship was a series of five rallying events held across Australia during 1969. It was the second Australian Rally Championship.

Frank Kilfoyle won the Drivers Championship in a Ford Cortina Lotus and his navigator Doug Rutherford won the Navigators Championship.[1] The Ford Motor Company of Australia won the Manufacturers Award.[2]

Season review Edit

The second Australian Rally Championship was decided over five events, staged across the Eastern States of Australia with two events in Victoria and one each in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.[3]

The Rallies Edit

The five events of the 1969 season were as follows.

Round Rally Date
1 Classic Rally (VIC)
2 Snowy Mountains Rally (NSW)
3 John Martin 500 (SA)
4 Warana Rally (QLD)
5 Alpine Rally (VIC)

Round Two – Snowy Mountains Rally Edit

Position Driver Navigator Car Points
1 Evan Green Roy Denny Austin 1800 153
2= John Keran Peter Meyer Volvo 142S 173
2= Colin Bond Brian Hope Mitsubishi Colt SS 173
4 Ian Vaughan Bob Forsyth Lotus Cortina 180
5 Bruce Collier Steve Halloran Renault R8 Gordini 243
6 Richard Harris John Bryson Mazda 1200 Coupe 285

Round Three – John Martin 500 Rally Edit

Position Driver Navigator Car Points
1 Adrian Callary Garry Chapman Renault 16TS 49
2 Ron Waite Peter McArthur Toyota 1600S 122
2 Bob Watson Jim McCaulliffe Renault 16TS 153
4 John Keran Peter Meyer Repco Volvo 144S 293
5 Mal McPherson Robin Sharpley Renault 16TS 326
6 Garrie Bain Adrian van Loon Morris Cooper 392


1969 Drivers and Navigators Championships Edit

Final pointscore for 1969 is as follows.[3]

Frank Kilfoyle – Champion Driver 1969 Edit

Position Driver Car Points
1 Frank Kilfoyle Ford Cortina Lotus[1]
2 John Keran Volvo 142S
3 Tony Roberts
4 Ian Vaughan Lotus Cortina
5 Evan Green Austin 1800
6 Adrian Callary

Doug Rutherford – Champion Navigator 1969 Edit

Position Navigator Car Points
1 Doug Rutherford Ford Cortina Lotus[1]
2 Peter Meyer Volvo 142S
3 Brian Hope
4 Bob Forsyth Lotus Cortina
5 Roy Denny Austin 1800
6 Garry Chapman

Manufacturers Award Edit

The Ford Motor Company of Australia won the Manufacturers Award.[2]

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  • [1] Results of Snowy Mountains Rally and ARC results.