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The 1968 Rebel 400 was a NASCAR Grand National Series (now Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series) event that was held on May 11, 1968, at Darlington Raceway in Darlington, South Carolina.

1968 Rebel 400
Race details[1][2]
Race 15 of 49 in the 1968 NASCAR Grand National Series season
Layout of Darlington Raceway
Layout of Darlington Raceway
Date May 11, 1968 (1968-May-11)
Official name Rebel 400
Location Darlington Raceway (Darlington, South Carolina)
Course Permanent racing facility
1.366 mi (2.198 km)
Distance 291 laps, 401.3 mi (706.7 km)
Weather Temperatures of 82.9 °F (28.3 °C); wind speeds of 12 miles per hour (19 km/h)
Average speed 132.699 miles per hour (213.558 km/h)
Pole position
Driver Junior Johnson & Associates
Most laps led
Driver David Pearson Holman-Moody
Laps 131
No. 17 David Pearson Holman-Moody
Television in the United States
Network ABC's Wide World of Sports
Announcers Pre-recorded (no announcers)


Two-hundred and ninety one laps were completed on the paved oval track spanning 1.375 miles (2.213 km) for a total of 400.1 miles (643.9 km).[2] The time of the race was three hours and fifty-four seconds with a crowd of 22,500 attending.[2] There were four cautions for twenty-three laps.[2] David Pearson defeated Darel Dieringer in his 1968 Ford by eighteen seconds. Pearson took advantage of the NASCAR engine and weight rules for 1968 and used a 396 cid engine instead of the normal 427. At that time the car had to be 4,000 pounds with the 427 cid engine but only 3,707 pounds with the 396 cid engine. The lighter weight paid off as Pearson used less fuel and had fewer tire troubles than many of the other teams. Pearson would continue to use the 396 throughout the year.[2]

Canadian racer Frog Fagan finished in 22nd place.[2] The average speed was 132.699 miles per hour (213.558 km/h) while the pole position speed was 148.85 miles per hour (239.55 km/h).[2] Other notable drivers included Wendell Scott, Richard Petty, Buddy Baker, Elmo Langley, and Roy Tyner.[2] Out of the thirty-four drivers, fifteen of them did not finish the race.[2]

Total winnings for the 1968 Rebel 400 were $53,455 ($385,132 when adjusted for inflation); first-place finisher Pearson earned $13,700 ($98,706 when adjusted for inflation) while last-place finisher Hess walked away with $460 ($3,314 when adjusted for inflation).[3]

Lennie Waldo made his NASCAR Grand National Series debut in this event.[4]


Grid No. Driver Manufacturer Speed[5]
1 26 LeeRoy Yarbrough '68 Ford 148.850
2 17 David Pearson '68 Ford 148.751
3 22 Darel Dieringer '68 Plymouth 148.419
4 29 Bobby Allison '68 Ford 148.335
5 27 Donnie Allison '68 Ford 147.821
6 3 Buddy Baker '67 Dodge 147.254
7 16 Tiny Lund '68 Mercury 147.188
8 14 Curtis Turner '68 Plymouth 146.125
9 21 Cale Yarborough '68 Mercury 147.470
10 6 Charlie Glotzbach '68 Dodge 147.195


* Driver failed to finish race


Section reference:[2]

  • Start: David Pearson had the first-class position as the green flag was waved
  • Lap 19: LeeRoy Yarbrough took over the lead from David Pearson
  • Lap 28: Buddy Baker took over the lead from LeeRoy Yarbrough
  • Lap 59: Cale Yarborough took over the lead from Buddy Baker
  • Lap 63: Paul Goldsmith took over the lead from Cale Yarborough
  • Lap 65: Buddy Baker took over the lead from Paul Goldsmith
  • Lap 91: Donnie Allison had an accident on turn four
  • Lap 108: Charlie Glotzbach took over the lead from Buddy Baker
  • Lap 116: Buddy Baker took over the lead from Charlie Glotzbach
  • Lap 158: David Pearson took over the lead from Buddy Baker
  • Lap 203: Bobby Allison spun his vehicle on turn two
  • Lap 205: Richard Petty took over the lead from David Pearson
  • Lap 219: David Pearson took over the lead from Richard Petty
  • Lap 231: Cale Yarborough blew his vehicle's engine
  • Lap 233: Richard Petty took over the lead from David Pearson
  • Lap 240: David Pearson took over the lead from Richard Petty
  • Lap 243: Curtis Turner blew his vehicle's engine
  • Finish: David Pearson was officially declared the winner of the event


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