1967 Gilbert and Ellice Islands general election

General elections were held in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands in 1967. All candidates ran as independents.[1]


Earlier in the year the British government promulgated a new constitution for the islands, creating a House of Representatives to replace the Advisory Council. The new House of Representatives had 30 members, of which 23 were elected (19 from the Gilberts and four from Ellice Islands),[2] five civil servants and two ex officio members.[3]

In addition, the Executive Council was replaced with a Governing Council, to consist of five members of the House of Representatives (elected by the House) and two ex officio members.[3]


Only three of the ten members of the former Advisory Council that contested the elections were elected.[4]

Constituency Elected member
Abaiang Kabiriera Kararaua
Tuari Bokarawa
Abemama Tekinene Tetabo
Aranuka and Kuria Inatio Binoka
Arorae Tetebano Aram
Beru Otiuea Tanentoa
Butaritari Mareko Ioteba
Maiana Tem Jacob
Makin Mote Tiotake
Marakei Buren Ratieta
Nikunau Akabo Ebarata
Nonouti Kaitara Metai
Northern Ellice Founuku Tipelu
Sione Tui Kleis
Onotoa Babera Kirata
Southern Ellice Melitiana Kaisami
Iosia Taomia
Tabiteuea Nation Bwenawa
Gilbert Lamusse
Tamana Ioteba Tamuera Uriam
Tarawa Rural Ioteba Kirieta
Urban Tarawa Edward Martin
Reuben Uatioa
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly

Official membersEdit

Position Member
Assistant Resident Commissioner D.G. Cudmore
Assistant Secretary, Personnel J.B. McCaig
Attorney General C.P. North-Coombes
Chief Medical Officer E.P. Hamblett
Commissioner of Works D.S. Short
Marine Superintendent G.W. Sharp
Senior Assistant Secretary, Finance M.D. Allen
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly


The new House of Representatives was opened by Resident Commissioner Val Andersen on 8 December 1967. Reuben Uatioa, who founded the Gilbertese National Party in 1965, was elected Chief Elected Member.[2] A Governing Council was formed, consisting of four official members (M.D. Allen, D.G. Cudmore, E.P. Hamblett, C.P. North-Coombes) and five elected members (Uatioa, Edward Martin, Buren Ratieta, Iosia Taomia and Ioteba Tamuera Uriam).[2]

A by-election was held for the Marakei seat in September 1968, which was won by Naboua Ratieta,[5] the brother of the former incumbent Buren Ratieta.


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