1967 Eastern Maori by-election

The 1967 Eastern Māori by-election was a by-election for the electorate of Eastern Maori on 12 August 1967 during the 35th New Zealand Parliament.

1967 Eastern Maori by-election

← 1966 general 12 August 1967 (1967-08-12) 1969 general →
Turnout9,012 (60.70%)
  Paraone Reweti.jpg Arnold Reedy.jpg No image.png
Candidate Paraone Reweti Arnold Reedy Cletus Maanu Paul
Party Labour National Social Credit
Popular vote 4,460 2,416 1,219
Percentage 49.49 26.81 13.53

MP before election

Puti Tipene Watene

Elected MP

Paraone Reweti


The by-election resulted from the death of the previous member Puti Tipene Watene on 14 June 1967.



Labour selected Paraone Brown Reweti, a waterfront worker from Tauranga, as their candidate. He was selected from a large field of nominees at a meeting in Rotorua. The party did not disclose the exact amount, but indicated the number was about 15.[1]

Two days after the selection meeting another meeting was held by supporters of unsuccessful nominees alleging irregularities in the selection and claiming that a member of the selection panel was biased as they had nominated one of the candidates. The rift group later sent a telegram to Labour Party head office to Allan McDonald, the general secretary of the party. The telegram contained details of the allegations and stated Reweti's selection was an "indictment against the Labour Party” and threatened to stand an independent candidate in protest.[2]

The selection dispute resulted in an independent candidate, Donald Mairangi Bennett, being selected by the rift group. Bennett, a car salesman, was a son of Bishop Frederick Bennett. The group said they were standing not as a protest not against Reweti, but against a protest against the method by which he was selected.[3]


The National Party had two candidates for nomination:[4]

Reedy was selected in a members ballot after which Searancke pledged his support for Reedy and undertook to accompany him on an electoral tour.[4]


The following table gives the election results:

1967 Eastern Maori by-election[5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Paraone Reweti 4,460 49.49
National Arnold Reedy 2,416 26.81 -3.93
Social Credit Cletus Maanu Paul 1,219 13.53 +3.11
Independent Maori Donald Mairangi Bennett 671 7.45
Independent Te Okanga Kahutapere Huata 246 2.73
Majority 2,044 22.68
Turnout 9,012 60.70 -15.58
Registered electors 14,849
Labour hold Swing

The by-election was won by Paraone Reweti, also of the Labour Party.


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