1966 Niuean general election

General elections were held in Niue on 9 April 1966.[1]

1966 Niuean general election

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All 20 seats in the Assembly
10 seats needed for a majority

Campaign edit

Five of the fourteen seats in the Legislative Assembly had only a single candidate, with the other nine constituencies seeing a contest between two and four candidates.[1]

Results edit

Constitutency Elected member
Alofi North Arumaki Strickland
Alofi South Robert Rex
Avatele Ikimotu Paelo
Hakupu Siakisoni
Hikutavate Limatau Poepata
Lakepa Kaliatama
Liku Falani Nototau
Makefu Togiatule Elesoni
Mutalau Pulefolau Talipule
Namukulu Felesi
Tamakautoga Peika Taiea
Toi Liumaihetau
Tuapa Phigia
Vaiea Talaiti
Source: Pacific Islands Monthly[1]

Aftermath edit

Following the elections, Robert Rex was elected as Leader of Government Business on 26 April.[2] Siakisoni, Strickland and Talipule were also elected onto the Executive Council.[2] A Member System was introduced later in the year, with Rex becoming responsible for Public Works and Electricity, Siakisoni for Police and Prison Affairs, Strickland for Radio and Telephone Services and Talipule for the Post Office.[3]

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