1966 Australia Cup

The 1966 Australia Cup was the fifth season of the Australia Cup, which was the main national association football knockout cup competition in Australia.[1] Sixteen clubs from around Australia qualified to enter the competition.[2]

1966 Australia Cup
Country Australia
ChampionsAPIA Leichhardt
Runners-upHakoah Eastern Suburbs
Matches played15


Qualifying clubs
  ACT Croatia Deakin
  NNSW Newcastle Austral Adamstown Rosebud
  NSW APIA Leichhardt Hakoah Eastern Suburbs St George Budapest South Coast United
  QLD Latrobe-Western Suburbs
  SA West Adelaide Hellas Adelaide Juventus
  TAS Olympia
  VIC South Melbourne Hellas Port Melbourne Slavia Melbourne Hungaria Melbourne Hakoah
  WA Perth Azzurri

Round 1Edit

St George Budapest3–1Croatia Deakin
Attendance: 4,500 (double header)[2]

APIA Leichhardt4–0Newcastle Austral
Attendance: 4,500 (double header)[2]

South Coast United3–2Adamstown Rosebud
Speers Point, Newcastle
Attendance: 3,000[2]

Melbourne Hakoah6–2Olympia


Melbourne Hungaria4–1

Sydney Hakoah4–0South Coast United
Attendance: 4,563 (double header)[2]

APIA Leichhardt2–1St George Budapest
Attendance: 4,563 (double header)[2]


APIA Leichhardt3–0Melbourne Hungaria
Attendance: 4,521[2]

The game was abandoned after 71 minutes due to a pitch invasion, and subsequently awarded to Sydney Hakoah.[2]


APIA Leichhardt2–0Sydney Hakoah
Ricardo Campana   32'
Bill Kerklaan   61'
Attendance: 10,200[2]
Referee: Dave Maitland


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