1965 United Arab Republic presidential confirmation referendum

Presidential elections were held in the United Arab Republic (now Egypt) on 15 March 1965.[1] The election took the form of a referendum on the candidacy of Gamal Abdel Nasser, who ran unopposed. He won with almost seven million votes, and only 65 against.[2] Voter turnout was 98.5%.[2]

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  Nasser portrait2.jpg
Nominee Gamal Abdel Nasser
Party ASU
Popular vote 6,950,098
Percentage 100.00%

President before election

Gamal Abdel Nasser

Elected President

Gamal Abdel Nasser

Nasser elections 1965 stamp
Nasser being sworn in for his second term, March 1965


Gamal Abdel NasserArab Socialist Union6,950,098100.00
Valid votes6,950,16399.99
Invalid/blank votes4890.01
Total votes6,950,652100.00
Registered voters/turnout7,055,56498.51
Source: Nohlen et al.


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