1965 United States House of Representatives elections

There were at least four special elections to the United States House of Representatives in 1965, during 89th United States Congress.

Elections are listed by date and district.

List of electionsEdit

District Incumbent This race
Member Party First elected Results Candidates
South Carolina 2 Albert Watson Democratic [data unknown/missing] Incumbent resigned February 1, 1965 after being stripped of seniority by the House Democratic Caucus for supporting Republican Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.
Incumbent re-elected June 15, 1965.
Republican gain.
  •  Y Albert Watson (Republican) 59.1%
  • Preston H. Callison (Democratic) 40.9%
Louisiana 7 Ashton Thompson Democratic [data unknown/missing] Incumbent died July 1, 1965.
New member elected October 2, 1965.[1]
Democratic hold.
  •  Y Edwin Edwards (Democratic) 53.8%
  • Gary Tyler (Democratic) 46.2%
Ohio 7 Clarence J. Brown Republican [data unknown/missing] Incumbent died August 23, 1965.
New member elected November 2, 1965.
Republican hold.
  •  Y Bud Brown (Republican) 59.6%
  • James A. Berry (Democratic) 40.4%
California 26 James Roosevelt Democratic [data unknown/missing] Incumbent resigned to run for Mayor of Los Angeles.
New member elected December 15, 1965.
Democratic hold.
  •  Y Tom Rees (Democratic) 59.5%
  • Edward M. Marshall (Republican) 40.5%


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