1963 Winnipeg municipal election

The 1963 Winnipeg municipal election was held on October 23, 1963 to determine mayors, councillors and school trustees in the City of Winnipeg and its suburban communities. There were also referendum votes in some communities. There was no mayoral election in Winnipeg.



Mark Danzker, David Mulligan and Edith Tennant were elected to Winnipeg City Council for the city's first ward. Lloyd Stinson, Terry Hind and William McGarva were elected for the second ward. Slaw Rebchuk, Joseph Zuken and Donovan Swailes were elected for the third ward.

St. VitalEdit

1963 St. Vital municipal election, Mayoredit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes
(x)Harry Collins 4,169 61.61
Fred Brennan 2,598 38.39
Total valid votes 6,767 100.00

1963 St. Vital municipal election, Council (four elected)edit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes
(x)Florence Pierce 1,850 27.77
(x)Jack Hardy 1,835 27.54
(x)Alvin Winslow 1,557 23.37
Harold Button 622 9.34
Harry Brown 453 6.80
Dudley Smallwood 345 5.18
Total valid votes 6,662 100.00

This election was determined by a single transferable ballot. The quota for election on the first ballot was 1,333 votes; Pierce, Hardy, and Winslow were declared elected to two-year terms. At the end of the fourth transfer, Button had 1,385 votes, Brown 1,197 and Smallwood 669. Button was declared elected to a one-year term, replacing the retiring Fred Brennan.