1962 FAMAS Awards

The 10th Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards Night was held in 1962 for the Outstanding Achievements for the year 1961.

10th FAMAS Awards
Best PictureNoli Me Tángere (Arriva-Bayanihan Productions)
Most awards Noli Me Tangere (5 wins)
Most nominations Noli Me Tangere (9 nominations)

Noli Me Tangere is a movie based on the book of the same title written by the Philippine National Hero Dr.Jose Rizal; won the most coveted award the FAMAS Award for Best Picture at the 10th FAMAS Awards. It was also the first time that the Academy gave an award posthumously to the writer.[1]


Major awardsEdit

Winners are listed first and highlighted with boldface.

Best Picture Best Director
  • Noli Me Tángere — Arriva-Bayanihan Productions
    • Alaala Kita — Peoples Pictures
    • The Moises Padilla Story — MMl Productions
    • Naguumpugang Bato — Larry Santiago Productions
    • Mga Yapak Na Walang Bakas — Premiere Productions
Best Actor Best Actress
  • Tessie Quintana — Alaala Kita
    • Anita LindaNag-uumpugang Bato
    • Edita Vital — Noli Me Tángere
    • Lilia Dizon — Pusong Bakal
    • Aura Aurea — Mga Yapak Na Walang Bakas
Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress
  • Oscar Keesee — Noli Me Tángere
    • Ruben Rustia — Alaala Kita
    • Max Alvarado — Nag-uumpugang Bato
    • Johnny Monteiro — Noli Me Tángere
    • Quiel Segovia— Mga Yapak Na Walang Bakas
Best in Screenplay Best Story
  • Felipe Sacdalan — Mga Yapak Na Walang Bakas
Best Musical Score Best Editing
Best Cinematography
  • Felipe Sacdalan — Mga Yapak Na Walang Bakas

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