1960s in motorsport

This article documents the events that occurred in motorsports in the 1960s.

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  • The successful development category Formula Ford first raced in 1966.
  • The Porsche 911 is first introduced. It will over time become a very successful grand tourer, but is first entered as a touring car in the Trans Am Series.
  • The BMW New Class is introduced. It would go on to become competitive in touring car racing and the IMSA GT Championship
  • The Lotus Cortina is introduced. It becomes a successful touring car.
  • The Opel Kadett becomes successful in touring car racing.
  • The Alfa Romeo Giulia is introduced. It becomes a successful touring car.
  • Formula One increases the displacement limit from 1.5 liters to 3, beginning what is considered by many to be a golden age


The Australian Touring Car Championship was first awarded in 1960.

South AmericaEdit


The South African Grand Prix is first held.


Japanese manufacturer Datsun becomes competitive in motorsport with the Datsun 510 in touring car racing.

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