1960 All-AFL Team

The 1960 American Football League All-League Team was selected after the 1960 American Football League (AFL) season by three separate entities: current AFL players, the Associated Press (AP), and United Press International (UPI), and was published by The Sporting News. Each selector chose a first-team, and the AFL players and UPI also selected second-teams at some positions.


Position First team Second team
Quarterback Jack Kemp, Los Angeles Chargers (AFL, AP, UPI) Al Dorow, Titans of New York (AFL)
Frank Tripucka, Denver Broncos (UPI)
Halfback Abner Haynes, Dallas Texans (AFL, AP, UPI)
Paul Lowe Los Angeles Chargers (AFL, AP, UPI)
Billy Cannon, Houston Oilers (AFL, UPI)
Fullback Dave Smith, (Houston Oilers) (AFL, AP, UPI) Wray Carlton, Buffalo Bills (AFL)
Wide receiver Lionel Taylor, Denver Broncos (AFL, AP, UPI)
Bill Groman, Houston Oilers (AFL, UPI)
Art Powell, Oakland Raiders (AP)
Art Powell, Oakland Raiders (AFL, UPI)
Tight end N/A Howard Clark Los Angeles Chargers (AFL)
Tackle Ron Mix, Los Angeles Chargers (AFL, AP, UPI)
Rich Michael, Houston Oilers (AFL, UPI)
Al Jamison, Houston Oilers (AP)
Ernie Wright, Los Angeles Chargers (AFL, UPI)
Jerry Cornelison, Dallas Texans (UPI)
Al Jamison, Houston Oilers (AFL)
Sid Youngelman, Titans of New York (AFL)
Guard Bob Mischak, Titans of New York (AFL, AP, UPI)
Billy Krisher, Dallas Texans (AFL, AP)
Ken Adamson, Denver Broncos (UPI)
Billy Krisher, Dallas Texans (UPI)
Charley Leo, Boston Patriots (AFL)
Don Manoukian, Oakland Raiders (AFL)
Center Jim Otto, Oakland Raiders (AFL, AP)
Walt Cudzik, Boston Patriots (UPI)
Dan McGrew, Buffalo Bills (AFL)
Jim Otto, Oakland Raiders (UPI)
Position First team Second team
Defensive end LaVerne Torczon, Buffalo Bills (AFL, AP, UPI)
Mel Branch, Dallas Texans (AFL, AP, UPI)
Paul Miller, Dallas Texans (AFL, UPI)
Bob Dee, Boston Patriots (AFL)
Ron Nery, Los Angeles Chargers (UPI)
Defensive tackle Bud McFadin, Denver Broncos (AFL, AP, UPI)
Chuck McMurtry, Buffalo Bills (AP, UPI)
Volney Peters, Los Angeles Chargers (AFL)
Orville Trask, Houston Oilers (AFL, UPI)
Dick Chorovich, Los Angeles Chargers (UPI)
Middle linebacker Archie Matsos, Buffalo Bills (AFL, AP, UPI)
Sherrill Headrick, Dallas Texans (AFL, AP)
Sherrill Headrick, Dallas Texans (UPI)
Dennit Morris, Houston Oilers (AFL)
Outside linebacker Tom Addison, Boston Patriots (AFL)
Mike Dukes, Houston Oilers (UPI)
Larry Grantham, Titans of New York (AP)
Paul Maguire, Los Angeles Chargers (UPI)
Larry Grantham, Titans of New York (AFL, UPI)
Bob Dougherty, Oakland Raiders (UPI)
Paul Maguire, Los Angeles Chargers (AFL)
Cornerback Dick Harris, Los Angeles Chargers (AFL, AP)
Johnny Bookman, Dallas Texans (UPI)
Mark Johnston, Houston Oilers (AP)
Eddie Macon, Oakland Raiders (UPI)
Mark Johnston, Houston Oilers (AFL, UPI)
Joe Cannavino, Oakland Raiders (UPI)
Eddie Macon, Oakland Raiders (UPI)
Dave Webster, Dallas Texans (AFL)
Safety Goose Gonsoulin, Denver Broncos (AFL, AP)
Richie McCabe, Buffalo Bills (AFL, AP)
Fred Bruney, Boston Patriots (UPI)
Ross O'Hanley (AFL)
Julian Spence, Houston Oilers (UPI)
Goose Gonsoulin, Denver Broncos (UPI)
Richie McCabe, Buffalo Bills (UPI)
Jim Wagstaff, Buffalo Bills (AFL)



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