1958 12 Hours of Sebring

The 1958 12-Hour Florida International Grand Prix of Endurance for the Amoco Trophy took place on 22 March, on the Sebring International Raceway, (Florida, United States). It was the second round of the F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship, which was running to new regulations introduced at the beginning of the season. The most influential of these regulations changes would be the 3.0 litre engine size limit. This was seventh running of the 12-hour race.

Sebring International Raceway in 1952-1966
The race was won by a red Ferrari TR58 driven by Phil Hill
Stirling Moss in Aston Martin DBR1
Caroll Shelby in Aston Martin DBR1
Roy Salvadori and the Aston Martin DBR1
The Elva-Climax MkIII of Kurtz and Patterson



A massive total of 73 racing cars were registered for this event, of which 70 arrived for practice. Only these, 65 qualified for, and started the race. With these new rules, and Maserati on the brink of financial crisis, Scuderia Ferrari would head the Italian challenge. Ferrari had six of their 250 TRs in Florida, of which three were works machines for Phil Hill/Peter Collins, Mike Hawthorn/Wolfgang von Trips and Luigi Musso/Olivier Gendebien. Opposition would no longer come from Maserati... but from Aston Martin.[1][2][3]

David Brown sent two Aston Martin DBR1s over from England for Stirling Moss/Tony Brooks and Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori. There were supported by George Constantine and John Dalton, in a DB2/4. Also on the entry list were some quick looking Jaguar D-Types though the Coventry marque were a bit out-classed by now. Ecurie Ecosse had two D-Types for Ron Flockhart/Masten Gregory and Ninian Sanderson/Ivor Bueb. Another Jag was entered by Briggs Cunningham for himself and Walt Hansgen. Cunningham also brought along two Jaguar engined Listers for Ed Crawford/Pat O'Connor and Archie Scott Brown/Hansgen. All three cars were listed with Alfred Momo being the entrant.[4][2][3]


Because there were no qualifying sessions to set the grid, the starting positions were decided according to engine size with the 4.6 litre Chevrolet Corvette C1 of Jim Rathmann and Dick Doane in first place. Next was another Corvette of John A. Kilborn, Fred Windridge and Dick Thompson. In fact Corvette’s held the first three places.[4]


Day of the race would be sunny and warm, but the start of race was something of a shambles as some drivers posed for the tradition Le Mans style start, ready to sprint to their cars, while others were still ambling across the track. This prompted a false start, so everyone had to line-up again.[2][3]

From his third place of the grid, Jim Jeffords was expected to be quick off the line, and indeed he was but a wheel problem stopped him out on the circuit, and by the end of lap one, he crossed the line in last place.[2]

The Aston Martins set the early pace with Moss going out in front. Hawthorn was second in his works Ferrari, with Salvadori in the other Aston on his tail. Soon, Salvadori moved past Hawthorn to make it an Aston 1-2. As for the Listers, they were going well in the opening laps, but Gendebien tried to force his Ferrari past Scott Brown, on the managed to climb right over the back of the Lister. Both drivers hopped out and removed the Ferrari and the Belgian took it back to the pits for repairs while the Lister retired. As for the other Lister, it only managed six laps before its Jaguar engine went and all the Jaguar-powered cars were out of the race by lap 55.[2][5][3]

As for the Hill/Collins Ferrari, it made a cautious start with the American behind the wheel. The crew decided to be easy on the gearbox and brakes which get worked so hard at Sebring. They were in fourth at the end of the first hour, with Moss/Brooks leading from Salvadori/Shelby and Hawthorn/von Trips. Their easy pace allowed the private 250 TR of Richie Ginther and Johnny von Neumann into fourth an hour later. The pair of Astons and the trio of Ferrari held the top five spots for the first four hours. The other works Ferrari of Musso/Gendebien started to recover from its early encounter.[6][3]

It was all change in the fifth hour of the race when both Astons had gearbox troubles, which forces them to retire. Hill and Collins had progressively worked their way through to second and then took over the lead which they would not be moved. By the half-way mark, there were four Ferraris in the top four and that remained that way for the next five hours. Hawthorn and von Trips were out on lap 159, with Neumann and Ginther at lap 168. Hill and Collins still kept to a steady pace, the Musso/Gendebien car moved into second with the Porsche 718 RSK of Harry Schell and Wolfgang Seidel now up to third. Surprisingly, the little Lotus Eleven of Sam Weiss and David Tallakson had got into fourth overall.[7][3][8]

And that's how the race finished, the Scuderia Ferrari of Collins and Hill, winning ahead of their team-mates Musso and Gendebien. Car number 14, took an impressive victory, completing 200 laps, covering 1,040 miles after 12 hours of racing, averaging a speed of 86.501 mph. Second place went to the second Ferrari, albeit one lap adrift. The podium was complete by works Porsche of Schell and Seidel who were seven laps behind the winners. Phil Hill and Peter Collins had established the Ferrari 250 TR as the main sports car championship contender, with its second straight victory in the series.[9][8]

Official ClassificationEdit

Class Winners are in Bold text.

Pos No Class Driver Entrant Chassis Laps Reason Out
1st 14 S3.0   Phil Hill   Peter Collins Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 250 TR 58 12hr 01:22.6, 200
2nd 16 S3.0   Luigi Musso   Olivier Gendebien Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 250 TR 58 199
3rd 41 S2.0   Harry Schell   Wolfgang Seidel Porsche K.G. Porsche 718 RSK 193
4th 56 S1.1   Sam Weiss   Dave Tallaksen Team Lotus Lotus-Climax Eleven 179
5th 22 GT3.5   Paul O'Shea
  David Cunningham
  Bruce Kessler North American Racing Team Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta 179
6th 55 S1.1   Colin Chapman   Cliff Allison Team Lotus Lotius-Climax Eleven 179
7th 21 GT3.5   George Arents
  Don O'Dell
  George Reed North American Racing Team Ferrari 250 TR 58 175
8th 60 S750   Alejandro de Tomaso
  Robert Ferguson
  Isabelle Haskell Automobili Osca Osca S750 175
9th 54 S1.1   Jay Chamberlain   William Frost Team Lotus Lotus-Climax Eleven 175
10th 43 GT1.6   Huschke von Hanstein
  John Cuevas
  Herbert Linge Porsche K.G. Porsche 356A Carrera 174
11th 30 S2.0   Porfirio Rubirosa
  William Helburn
  Jean-François Malle Porfirio Rubirosa Ferrari 500 TRC 172
12th 1 GT5.0   Jim Rathmann   Dick Doane Richard Doane Chevrolet Corvette C1 170
13th 47 S1.5   Hal Stetson
  Harry Beck
  Otto Linton Osca Automobili Osca MT4 1500 170
14th 27 S2.0   Gilbert Geitner
  Harold Kunz
  Phil Stiles Hmbro Automotive Corporation Auston-Healey 100-6 MM 169
DNF 17 S3.0   Johnny von Neumann   Richie Ginther Johnny von Neumann Ferrari 250 TR 168 Gearbox
15th 72 S2.0   Luke Stear
  Bob Harris
  Mike Norris A. C. Car Ltd AC Ace 168
16th 39 S2.0   Fred Fuller
  Tony Briggs
  Art Tweedale A. C. Car Ltd AC Ace 166
17th 28 GT3.5   William Kinchloe   Fred Moore Hambro Automotive Corporation Austin-Healey 100-6 MM 166
18th 50 GT1.3   Fred van Beuren   Javier Velásquez Fred van Beuren Alfa Romeo Giuletta Spider Veloce 164
19th 37 GT2.0   Richard Milo
  Duncan Forlong
  George McClure A. C. Car Ltd AC Ace 163
20th 34 GT2.0   Mike Rothschild
  Bill Lott
  William Kimberly Standard Motor Co. Triumph TR3 160
21st 53 S1.1   Carl Haas
  Chuck Dietrich
  Alan Ross Behm Motors Stanguellini S1100 Bialbero 160
DNF 15 S3.0   Mike Hawthorn   Wolfgang von Trips Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 250 TR 58 159 Gearbox
22nd 38 S2.0   Bill Love
  George Crowder
  Roy Jackson-Moore A. C. Car Ltd AC Ace 159
23rd 29 GT3.5   Gus Ehrman   Ray Cuomo Hambro Automotive Corporation Austin-Healey 100-6 MM 159
24th 52 GT1.3   Charlie Rainville   Jake Kaplan Jake Kaplan Alfa Romeo Giuletta Spider Veloce 157
25th 46 S1.5   Charles Wallace
  Skip Hudson
  Bob Holbert Marshall Motors Porsche 550 RS 153
26th 35 GT2.0   Jim Roberts   Louis Heuss Hambro Automotive Austin-Healey 100 Special 151
27th 71 S2.0   Manolo Perez de la Mesa
  Alfonso Gomez-Mena
  Santiago González Scuderia Cuba Ferrari 500 TRC 151
28th 78 S1.1   William Milliken, Jr.
  Cameron Argetsinger
  Millard Ripley Ripley Motor Co. Elva-Climax Mk. II 151
29th 61 S750   Howard Brown   Richard Toland Richard Toland D.B. HBR Panhard 151
30th 63 S750   Jack Brumby
  Ray Martinez
  Frank Aldhous Emmanuel de Graffenried Fiat-Abarth 750 Zagato 150
31st 66 GT750   Chuck Kessigner
  Alfonso Thiele
  Willie West Emmanuel de Graffenried Fiat-Abarth 750 Zagato 148
32nd 80 GT750   Harry Fry   Lou Rappaport Dr. Harry Fry Fiat-Abarth 750 Zagato 145
33rd 2 GT5.0   John Kilbourn
  Dick Thompson
  Fred Windridge Richard Thompson Chevrolet Corvette 144
34th 62 S750   Howard Hanna   Howard Brown Howard Hanna D.B. HBR Panhard 143
35th 40 GT2.0   Max Goldman
  Sydney H. Arnolt
  Ralph Durbin S. H. Arnolt Arnolt Boldie 141
33 GT2.0   Bob Oker   Harold Hurtley Standard Motor Co. Triumph TR3 131
51 GT1.3   Louis Comito
  Bob Pfaff
  Alan Markelson Louis Comito Alfa Romeo Giuletta Spider Veloce 126
DNF 31 S2.0   Gaston Andrey   Bill Lloyd Mike Garber Ferrari 500 TRC 125 Rear axle bearing
DNF 65 S750   Densie McCluggage   Ruth Levy Alfred Momo Fiat-Abarth 750 Zagato 116 Gearbox
DNF 57 S1.1   Frank Baptista
  Bill Warren
  Burdette Martin Elva Engineering Co. Elva-Climax Mk. II 114 unknown
NC 49 S1.5   Charles Moran   Paul Ceresole Charles Moran, Jr. Lotus-Climax Eleven Le Mans 110
NC 74 S1.5   Norman Scott   Frank Bott Norman J. Scott Porsche 550 RS 109
DNF 44 S1.5   Art Bunker   Carel Godin de Beaufort Art’s Sports Motors Porsche 550 RS 106 Clutch
DNF 42 S2.0   Jean Behra   Edgar Barth Porsche K.G. Porsche 718 RSK 105 Transmission, oil leak
DNF 7 S3.0   Dale Duncan   Jo Bonnier A. V. Dayton Maserati 300S 90 Gearbox
DNF 24 S3.0   Stirling Moss   Tony Brooks David Brown Aston Martin DBR1/300 90 Gearbox
DNF 19 S3.0   John Fitch   Ed Hugus Harry Kullen Ferrari 250 TR 85 Engine
NC 36 GT2.0   Dick Kennedy
  Charles Sherman
  Tom Payne Richard Kennedy Morgan Plus 4 76
NC 58 S1.1   William Bradley   John Bentley Elva Engineering Co. Elva-Climax Mk. III 71
DNF 79 S2.0   Jan de Vroom   Alfonso Gomez-Mena Alfonso Gomez-Mena Ferrari 500 TRC 69 Engine
DNF 77 S1.1   Charles Kurtz
  Dean Patterson
  Joachim Kammer Avant Corp. Elva-Climax Mk. III 65 Clutch
DNF 25 S3.0   Carroll Shelby   Roy Salvadori David Brown Aston Martin DBR1/300 62 Transmission
DNF 45 S1.5   Ken Miles   Jean Pierre Kunstle Jean Pierre Kunstle Porsche 550 RS 59 Clutch
DNF 23 S3.0   E. D. Martin   Chester Flynn Chester J. Flynn Ferrari 250 TR 58 Accident
DNF 9 S3.0   Ron Flockhart   Masten Gregory Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar D-Type 55 Engine
DNF 81 S2.0   Bob Said   Miguel Rivera Scuderia Central America Ferrari 500 TRC 43 Brakes
DNF 3 S3.0   Jim Jeffords   Augie Pabst James Jeffords Chevrolet Corvette SR-2 27 Rear axle
DNF 8 S3.0   Ninian Sanderson   Ivor Bueb Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar D-Type 22 Valve springs
DNF 12 S3.0   Briggs Cunningham   Walt Hansgen Alfred Momo Jaguar D-Type 16 Blown piston
DNF 26 GT3.5   George Constantine   John Dalton David Brown DB2/4 15 Left rear hub
DNF 32 S2.0   Jim Kimberly   Pete Lovely Jim Kimberly Maserati 200S I 14 Engine
DNF 11 S3.0   Ed Crawford   Pat O'Connor Alfred Momo Lister-Jaguar 6 Cracked block
DNF 10 S3.0   Archie Scott Brown   Walt Hansgen Alfred Momo Lister-Jaguar 3 Accident
DNS 48 S1.5   M. R. J. Wyllie
  Margaret Wyllie
  Chuck Dietrich Dr. M. R. J. Wyllie Elva-Climax Mk. II Accident in practice


Class WinnersEdit

Class Winners
Sports 3000 – Class D 14 Ferrari 250 TR 58 Hill / Collins
Sports 2000 – Class E 41 Porsche 718 RSK Schell / Seidel
Sports 1500 – Class F 47 Osca MT4 1500 Stetson / Linton / Beck
Sports 1100 – Class G 56 Lotus-Climax Eleven Weiss / Tallaksen
Sports 750 60 Osca S750 de Tomasso / Haskell / Ferguson
Grand Touring 5000 1 Chevrolet Corvette Rathmann / Doane
Grand Touring 3500 – Class 9 22 Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta O'Shea / Kessler / Cunningham
Grand Touring 3000 no classified finishers
Grand Touring 2000 37 AC Ace Milo / McClure / Forlong
Grand Touring 1600 43 Porsche 356A Carrera von Hanstein / Linge / Cuevas
Grand Touring 1300 50 Alfa Romeo Giuletta Spider Veloce Van Beuren / Velásquez
Grand Touring 750 64 Fiat-Abarth 750 Zagato Kessinger / West / Thiele


Standings after the raceEdit

Pos Championship Points
1   Ferrari 16
2   Porsche 8
3   Lotus 3
  • Note: Only the top five positions are included in this set of standings.
    Championship points were awarded for the first six places in each race in the order of 8-6-4-3-2-1, excepting the RAC Tourist Trophy, for which points were awarded on a 4-3-2-1 for the first four places. Manufacturers were only awarded points for their highest finishing car with no points awarded for positions filled by additional cars. Only the best 4 results out of the 6 races could be retained by each manufacturer. Points earned but not counted towards the championship totals are listed within brackets in the above table.


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Further readingEdit

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