1955 Sicilian regional election

The Sicilian regional election of 1955 took place on 5 June 1955.

Christian Democracy was by far the largest party, largely ahead of the Italian Communist Party. After the election Giuseppe Alessi and, later, Giuseppe La Loggia governed the Region at the head of a centre-right coalition that included the Italian Liberal Party, the Italian Democratic Socialist Party and, since 1956, the Italian Social Movement.

After a brief one-party government by La Loggia, Silvio Milazzo, a left-wing Christian Democrat, broke ranks, launched his own Social Christian Sicilian Union and formed a government that included the extremes: the left-wing Italian Communist Party (along with the Italian Socialist Party) on one side and the right-wing Italian Social Movement (along with the Monarchist National Party) on the other side.[1]


Electoral system: proportional representation

Parties votes (%) seats
Christian Democracy 897,397 38.6 39
Italian Communist Party 482,793 20.8 20
Monarchist National PartyPeople's Monarchist Party 295,745 12.7 8
Italian Socialist Party 225,720 9.7 10
Italian Social Movement 222,419 9.6 8
Italian Liberal Party 91,980 4.0 3
Italian Democratic Socialist PartyItalian Republican Party 72,351 3.1 2
Others 37,627 1.5 -
Total 2,326,032 100.0 90

Sources: Istituto Cattaneo and Sicilian Regional Assembly