1954 World Fencing Championships

The 1954 World Fencing Championships were held in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg.[1]

1954 World Championships in Fencing
Host cityLuxembourg Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Medal tableEdit

1  Italy (ITA)3328
2  Hungary (HUN)3227
3  France (FRA)1146
4  Denmark (DNK)1001
5  Poland (POL)0101
  Sweden (SWE)0101
Totals (6 nations)88824

Medal summaryEdit


Men's eventsEdit

Event   Gold   Silver   Bronze
Épée   Edoardo Mangiarotti   Carlo Pavesi   Franco Bertinetti
Foil   Christian d'Oriola   Edoardo Mangiarotti   Giancarlo Bergamini
Sabre   Rudolf Kárpáti   Pál Kovács   Tibor Berczelly
Team Épée   Italy   Sweden   France
Team Foil   Italy   France   Hungary
Team Sabre   Hungary   Poland   France

Women's eventsEdit

Event   Gold   Silver   Bronze
Foil   Karen Lachmann   Ilona Elek   Renée Garilhe
Team Foil   Hungary   Italy   France


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