1953 population census in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The 1953 population census in Bosnia and Herzegovina was the second population census of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia took place on March 31, 1953. The administrative organization of Bosnia and Herzegovina (51.221 km2) was identical to the first census in the socialist Yugoslavia (1948), apart from the fact that the Odžak district had been abolished and merged with the district of Modriča.

Population of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1953 by nationality

  Serbs (44.40%)
  Yugoslavs, ethnically undeclared (mostly Yugoslav Muslims and Serbs ) (31.32%)
  Croats (22.97%)
  Others (1.34%)

Results edit

Overall edit

Nationality Number Percentage Number change Percentage
Serbs 1,264,372 44.40%  128,256  0.11%
Yugoslavs, ethnically undeclared (mostly Yugoslav Muslims) 891,800 31.32% unknown unknown
Croats 654,229 22.97%  40,106  0.97%
Others 39,398 1.34%  12,763  0.30%

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