The year 1953 saw a number of significant happenings in radio broadcasting history.

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Events edit

  • 1 January – In Ireland Erskine Childers, the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs, appoints a new executive council, Comhairle Radio Éireann, to take over day-to-day responsibility for the state broadcasting service.
  • 15 January – Harry Truman becomes the first President of the United States to broadcast his farewell address on radio and television.
  • 19 March – For the first time the Academy Awards ceremony (broadcast annually on radio since 1930) is also carried on television.
  • 3 May – German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle begins regular transmissions.
  • 19 October – American CBS presenter Arthur Godfrey dismisses singer Julius La Rosa live on air on the radio-only segment of Godfrey's morning show.[1]

Debuts edit

Closings edit

Births edit

Deaths edit

  • 9 November – Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet and radio broadcaster (b. 1914).

References edit

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