1950 Paris Grand Prix

The 1950 Paris Grand Prix was a Non-Championship Formula One motor race held on 30 April 1950 at the Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry, in Montlhéry near Paris, France. It was the fourth race of the 1950 Formula One season.

1950 Paris Grand Prix
Non-championship race in the 1950 Formula One season
Race details
Date 30 April 1950
Official name IV Grand Prix de Paris
Location Montlhéry, France
Course length 9.181 km (5.705 miles)
Distance 50 laps, 496.570 km (308.554 miles)
Fastest lap
Driver France Raymond Sommer Talbot-Lago
Time 2:20.3
First Talbot-Lago
Second Delage
Third Delage

The 50-lap race was won by Talbot-Lago driver Georges Grignard, who finished four laps ahead of Louis Gérard, who finished second in a Delage, with Marc Versini third, also in a Delage. These were the only three finishers.


Pos No. Driver Entrant Constructor Laps Time/Retired
1 8   Georges Grignard Georges Grignard Talbot-Lago 50 2.05:38.8
2 15   Louis Gérard Louis Gérard Delage 46 + 4 Laps
3 12   Marc Versini Marc Versini Delage 45 + 5 Laps
Ret 6   Raymond Sommer Raymond Sommer Talbot-Lago 33 Engine
Ret 17   Stirling Moss John Heath HWM-Alta 33 Con-rod
Ret 5   Pierre Levegh Pierre Levegh Talbot-Lago 28 Engine
Ret 11   Jean Judet Jean Judet Maserati 26 Fuel tank
Ret 4   Louis Rosier Ecurie Rosier Talbot-Lago 21 Engine
Ret 16   George Abecassis John Heath HWM-Alta 11 Engine
Ret 14   Auguste Veuillet Auguste Veuillet Delage 2 Rear axle
Ret 9   Guy Mairesse Ecurie France Talbot-Lago 2 Fuel tank
DNA 1   Henri Louveau Henri Louveau Maserati
DNA 2   Yves Giraud-Cabantous Yves Giraud-Cabantous Talbot-Lago
DNA 3   Philippe Étancelin Philippe Étancelin Talbot-Lago
DNA 7   Johnny Claes Ecurie Belge Talbot-Lago
DNA 10   Jean Estager Ecurie France Talbot-Lago


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